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Begin Your Teaching Journey as an Education Provider in Australia with CRICOS Course Codes

Begin Your Teaching Journey as an Education Provider in Australia with CRICOS Course Codes

CRICOS is the "Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students." CRICOS website lists all the courses and institutions from which students can choose any, as per their area of interest, and start their learning journey in Australia. This is relevant to teach or entering the education sector of Australia. Educational institutions and education or training providers should be enrolled in CRICOS and approved to be authorized to teach Australian and other international students in Australia.

Within the context of global education, you may encounter the phrase "CRICOS course code." But why are these course codes significant, and what does CRICOS mean? In this post, we shall dissect CRICOS's foundation, discuss its importance, and explore CRICOS courses offered in Australia.

What is CRICOS?

CRICOS is a website launched by the Australian government that displays and lists all the education institutions and education provider details on it. This is done to make it easy for the students to select the course they want to pursue from the desired educational institution.

The government of Australia has made it mandatory for all education providers, whether institutions, short-courses, or educators, to register themselves on CRICOS to become an authorized education provider in Australia. The Australian government employs this registration system to monitor and control the courses available to overseas students. Simply put, CRICOS is a safety net to guarantee that overseas students studying in Australia obtain a top-notch education.

What does CRICOS mean, and what is its Importance?

To preserve the integrity of the Australian educational system, CRICOS is made essential by the Australian Education System Regulation Authority. It guarantees that all establishments and programs fulfill specific requirements, giving overseas students a secure and rewarding educational experience. Here's why having registered at CRICOS is very crucial for education institutions and education providers:

Ensuring quality

The course's compliance with strict requirements is ensured by CRICOS registration. The facilities, support services, and faculty that work with overseas students are all included in this quality assurance. International students do not need to worry now about the quality of education they will be provided, along with the reading and writing materials.

Eligibility for Visa

Enrolment in a CRICOS registered course is a requirement for obtaining a student visa in Australia. You will not be eligible for an Australian student visa if you do not complete this register. Also, registering at CRICOS will make students eligible to pursue their desired CRICOS Courses Australia or complete an education degree from Australia easily.

Post-Study Work Rights

Finishing a CRICOS course can also allow you to work in Australia after studying for a while, giving you a chance to get real-world experience in your field. Students coming to Australia to settle can seek this opportunity and fulfill their dreams easily.

How Can You Detect A Course Code in CRICOS

Every course available to overseas students has a unique CRICOS course code Australia. These codes include comprehensive information on the course, making them essential for both students and universities. This is how a CRICOS course code is interpreted:

  • Institution Code: The institution offering the course is indicated by the first five digits of the code. The students can easily identify the name of the institution they want to study at by learning about these codes.
  • Course Number: The course number inside the organization is indicated by the institution code following two digits. This makes it easy to decide which course to pursue.
  • Year: The course's CRICOS registration year is indicated by the course number following numbers.
  • Location: The last digit will specify the course's location if the university offers the same course at multiple campuses. Applying for the same course at multiple locations increases the chances of getting selected and pursuing courses. The education pattern will be the same due to this registration policy.

For example, if the CRICOS code is "0123456F," you can determine that the course is being provided by institution 01234, that it is the 56th course given by that institution, and that the final two digits indicate the year the course was registered. The "F" might represent a particular place or location of the institution or university.

What are the Types of CRICOS Courses Australia a Student Can Pursue?

Higher education, spoken English, and vocational education and training (VET) are topics covered in CRICOS courses. The main categories are as follows:

  • Higher Education: Universities and other educational establishments offer these courses. They lead to degrees such as doctorate, master's, and bachelor's.
  • VET Courses: Vocational education and training (VET) courses emphasize practical skills and lead to credentials like certificates and diplomas.
  • ELICOS: English language proficiency is intended to be improved through ELICOS or English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students.


CRICOS is effective in promoting a quality education system for the students of Australia and the ones who are traveling to Australia every year. Registration at the CRICOS website makes the educator authentic and saves the students from mediators who charge a lot of money to get them to enter at the university. This registration system is made by the government of Australia to keep the education system of the country corruption-free. The students should not feel burdened by paying commissions or other additional charges to study in Australia.

Frequently Asked Questions

Qus:- 1. Why is it important for overseas students to register for CRICOS?

Ans:- The CRICOS registration guarantees a top-notch education for overseas students studying in Australia. It acts as a system for quality control, ensuring that programs, establishments, and assistance services adhere to strict guidelines. It also serves as a requirement for acquiring an Australian student visa and could make one eligible for job rights after graduation.

Qus:-2. Why is understanding how to decode a CRICOS course code crucial?

Ans:- The year, location identifier, course number, and institution code comprise a CRICOS course code. It's crucial since each course's unique identification makes telling one course from another simple. Students and institutions can quickly obtain comprehensive details about the course they are interested in with this code.

Qus:- 3. Where can I obtain details on Australian courses that are registered with CRICOS?

Ans:- The official CRICOS website (, institution websites, and education agencies can all be used to locate courses registered with CRICOS. Prospective overseas students will find it easy to search for CRICOS courses on the websites of almost all Australian institutions and short course providers have registered themselves on this website.

Qus:- 4. What kinds of courses are offered as part of CRICOS registration?

Ans:- The answer is that CRICOS courses cover many subjects, such as English language courses (ELICOS), vocational education and training (VET), and higher education. While VET courses offer practical skills and certifications, higher education courses lead to bachelor's, master's, and doctorate degrees. ELICOS courses are an excellent option for overseas students since they are designed to help non-native speakers become more proficient in the English language.