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Marketing Assignment Help in India

Marketing are activities of a company associated with buying and selling a product or service.

Marketing assignments demands quality content along with creativity. Take a look at this sample question in order to get an idea of how our marketing assignment writing expert deals with marketing assignments.

Question: Using one or more of the activities you have undertaken over the past 3 weeks to inform your paper, address the following topics:

  1. In what ways has your view of marketing changed/not changed as a result of what you have learned since the beginning of the semester?
  2. Why is/isn’t marketing important to an organization?
  3. Do you feel that marketers are manipulating you in how they market products? Why?
  4. Moving forward, in what ways do you think you will be able to apply what you have learned in this subject? In addressing these items you need to support your comments with appropriate references and examples.

Answer:  Before the beginning of marketing studies through academic curricula, the perception of marketing was limited to advertisements and creating the needs rather than meeting the needs. The concept of marketing as I perceived was more than just doing advertisements rather it is a thoroughly planned strategic move taken by any organization to take the market by storm. This concept didn’t change much after the semester, as prior to semester exposure to different papers and magazine articles about business and international business. The globalization has affected the way of marketing while it has opened new innovative ways of marketing, yet the risks have increased a lot in the current environment (Moore, 2014). But certain concepts have changed through the semester such as the concept of selling and marketing is getting blurred.  Prior to joining the semester, I was using selling and marketing synonymously.  But after the course, the concept of selling was well understood. Selling can be called as action part of marketing that is mostly product focused and market driven.

The above assignment is a reflective writing piece. Reflection is a form of personal response to experiences, situations, events or new information.

Marketing Assignment Writing Services in India

Reflective Writing Assignment Help is :

  • Your response to experiences, opinions, events or new information
  • Your response to thoughts and feelings
  • A way of thinking to explore your learning
  • An opportunity to gain self-knowledge
  • A way to achieve clarity and better understanding of what you are learning
  • A chance to develop and reinforce writing skills
  • A way of making meaning out of what you study

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The following points are kept in mind while preparing a reflective writing:

  • Your perceptions of the course and the content.
  • Experiences, ideas and observations you have had, and how they relate to the course or topic.
  • What you found confusing, inspiring, difficult, interesting and why.
  • Questions you have and conclusions you have drawn.
  • How you solved a problem, reached a conclusion, found an answer or reached a point of understanding.
  • Possibilities, speculations, hypotheses or solutions.
  • Alternative interpretations or different perspectives on what you have read or done in your course.
  • How new ideas challenge what you already know.
  • What you need to explore next in terms of thoughts and actions.

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