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Nursing Assignment Help in India

Nursing is a profession within the health care sector focused on the care of people so that they may attain, maintain, or recover optimal health and quality of life.

As a paramedic you will be required to treat and manage patients with a range of clinical conditions. Often an important part of the treatment you deliver as a paramedic requires pharmacological intervention(s). These treatments should be drawn from the scientific research, which provides the evidence that this is the best course of action for the patient. This is called evidence-based practice. This assignment is designed to assist you to develop your research skills and an in-depth knowledge of the current research into the pharmacological treatment of a clinical condition.

Nursing as a job is one which is challenging and so is the course of nursing. Naturally the assignments in the subject of nursing is equally challenging.

Take a look at the following sample question and answer solved by our nursing assignment writing expert to understand the same better:

Question: Cardiovascular system use of aspirin in a pulmonary embolism

  1. Discuss briefly the relevant pathophysiology of this condition (approximately 250 words).

Answer: The short review suggests aspirin can be used as a therapeutic agent in case of pulmonary embolism. The treatment for pulmonary embolism in field by paramedic will be mostly supportive in nature. The very first strategy that has to be followed by the paramedic in case any patient suffers from pulmonary embolism is supporting through the oxygen. This will reduce the patient hypoxia condition as well as the anxiety condition. In case to reduce the pain in patients the paramedics can administer narcotics but the scheduled H drugs must be given by a licensed professional. In case the paramedic is not sure that whether it will lead to hypotension or not such medications must be avoided. In case the patient remains hypotensive, a vasopressor must be administered until and unless it causes Tachycardia such as Levophed is recommended. In case of chest pain, as a paramedic the patient can be administered aspirin or nitro-glycerine against the recommended protocol. While the current review suggested aspirin can be given to patients to prevent pulmonary embolisms but the dosage has to be optimized through more clinical trials (Wang, 2015).


While preparing the answer for the above question our nursing assignment writing expert has kept the following points in mind:

Our expert has chosen a particular clinical condition which is of interest to the student and which may be of relevance to paramedic practice (although it does not have to be specifically related to paramedic practice). The expert has then written a clinical review within the prescribed word limit, of current pharmacological research into and current treatment of condition.

And, the focus of the assignment is the current pharmacological research.

Top 10 Nursing Specialties

The following image below, shows the top 10 nursing specialties:

Structure, Content & Development of Theme

All included material is relevant and directly addresses the topic.

The theme developed is in a logical fashion. The essay is structured with the over-all theme in mind, and contains a clear introduction, body and conclusion.

The introduction outlines, is in a succinct manner and the body of the essay covers all subject matter relevant to the question posed and proceeds in a logical fashion.

The final conclusion contains a brief summary of the subject matter.

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  • Additionally, the style of the assignment is pleasing and shall be professionally presented.

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