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Reflective Writing Assignment Help in India

A reflection is your ideas and thoughts that develop through reading literature regarding contexts for learning and development. Often students find it tough to write a reflective essay as they find it an uphill task to put their thoughts in to words. This is when many students would like to seek the help of reflective writing assignment services.

The following sample shows how our experts at India Assignment Help solve a reflective writing assignment.


Your reflection should demonstrate your understanding of how you as a pre-service teacher might incorporate theoretical perspectives into your classroom practice and how you might apply these to your future teaching.

Answer: (Please note, the following is only a part of the entire answer and not the entire answer itself.)

Agreement on the proposed ideas

I agree on the ideas of the thinker, as learning is a major part of the human being. Everyone including student, teacher, or other should always ready to learn new things. A human being learns anything when he interacts and communicates with other human beings. When two people talks with other and exchange their opinions, ideas, or view to each other then they both learns new things. Similarly, the student learns things when a teacher guides them. After learning, they learn and make any decision according to their own logical memory and thinking (Schreiber, & Valle, 2013).

I also agree with his idea of the zone of proximal development where zone defines a particular area for the exploration of education. Students are mentally prepared but they also need a teacher who helps them to increase the social interaction. A social interaction is necessary for the children and this idea is the best method for this. The teachers help the students to understand the knowledge of different domains and for developing the complex skills. The teachers use the collaborative learning, modeling, discourse, and scaffolding to provide knowledge to them (Fani, & Ghaemi, 2011).

Useful Questions to Guide Students

- What ideas are being proposed?

- Do you agree or disagree with the ideas proposed?

- How could this idea or theory be applied to a learning environment?

High Distinction Reflective Writing Assignment Services

When you seek guidance from our reflective assignment help expert in India, you can be sure of receiving high-distinction assignments. We provide the following:

  • An understanding of the topic.
  • The assignment shall demonstrate an exceptionally high level of understanding of the chosen topic.
  • It shall demonstrate how the chosen topic can be applied to a learning environment.
  • Provide a very strong argument for and/or against a particular theory/topic in the light of current literature.
  • The presentation is in accordance to the prescribed university guidelines.
  • It is written in accordance to the standard essay structure.
  • The ideas and responses are supported with reference from the set reading and one extra independently sourced peer-reviewed reference.
  • Standard format of referencing like that of APA, Harvard Referencing, etc.

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