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Management Assignment Help in India

The management stream provides access to training and career development opportunities. Every management student is ought to prepare and submit management assignments.

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Question: Your task is to write a case study for future final year students studying Leadership and Management

Answer: (Please note, this is only part of the entire answer.)

Introduction of a Leader

Mahatma Gandhi or M.K. Gandhi is a great leader of the Indian freedom struggle born on October 2, 1869. He was a great proponent of on-violence and democratically leading the Indian masses to the attainment of freedom from British colonial forces. Along with the principle of “Ahimsa” or non-violence he practiced “Satyagraha” or holding on to truth, he steered the final phases of freedom struggle which ultimately brought independence to India on 15th August, 1947. Mahatma Gandhi underwent fasting on certain occasions of immense importance during the time of struggle and exhibited the finest form of moral & intellectual leadership (Weber 2013, p. 71). The type of leadership examples showcased by Mahatma Gandhi can be very much related to the necessary attributes of Servant Leadership Theory (SLT). Unlike some of the other leadership theories, the leadership style backed by the SLT does not believe in a top-down hierarchical approach of motivation or direction. Rather, it emphasizes on the factors of collaboration, ethics, trust and empathy. These leaders are servant first with a strong desire to serve the common without the intention of attaining more power. Mahatma Gandhi lived in an “Ashram” (a type of spiritual hermitage/monastery of Indian origin) and showed great example of self-dependency and self-discipline. In addition to his duties and responsibilities as a leader in the freedom movement, he also emphasized in building a vibrant village economy in India and developing communal harmony among all the religious communities as well as abolishing the social class system.

Our management assignment writing expert has written this assignment in such a way that it:

  • Critically evaluates different organizational contexts for leadership, management and development;
  • Also, evaluates leadership, management and development in practice;

Quality Management Assignment Help in India

At India Assignment Help, we provide students with nothing but the best. We have a very different approach towards answering each question. We believe in nothing but excellence. Typically, the above question should be answered in the following manner:

  • An explanation of what critical evaluation is all about using the OU’s “Stairway to Criticality” ;
  • An introduction to a leader or organization which provides a suitable context;
  • An annotated critical application of a leadership or management theory ;
  • A clear introduction to the case study and commentary throughout which provides guidance;
  • An annotated list of peer reviewed journal articles;

India Assignment Help for Your Next Management Assignment

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  • We provide in-detail explanation of the model and each of the stages showing excellent processing and understanding.
  • We ensure we always use a wide range range of highly relevant sources.
  • Excellent use and balance of reference/source material.
  • In-depth knowledge and understanding of theory.
  • Insightful critical evaluation of the theory with an excellent commentary relating to all the points of comparison, strengths and weaknesses.
  • All references are appropriately cited in the body of the case study.
  • The written style and grammar are excellent throughout the assignment.
  • The annotations provided are apt.

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