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An essay is a rather short piece of writing on a particular subject. Writing an essay can be a challenging task. Our essay-writing experts can help students with the same. An example of the same is provided below:

Question: Topic: Health and the Internet: An Analysis of a Contemporary Communication and Technology Platform.
Type: Essay

The internet is considered one of the greatest inventions by humankind. In fact, by description, the revolution of information technology is among the most significant developments in history since the industrial revolution. Since its invention, the Internet attained the ability to allocate information processed electronically to a vast network of people. In the process, it overwhelmed every imaginable form of barrier including political and geographical.

Currently, the internet is a worldwide collaborative channel and a rich resource of information ranging from science to technology and assignment writing challenges of education.

The healthcare industry is rapidly developing in most countries, particularly Australia. Although the application of informatics in the medical field is currently increasing rapidly, the sector is deemed the slowest to incorporate the internet into its systems. Apparently, information is vital for the provision of healthcare in the field of medicine. Gathering information, processing, communication, and administration is fundamental to the delivery of healthcare, but as a whole, the sector has historically lagged behind most industries in Australia regarding investments in information technology. Furthermore, the majority of the investments to date have been concentrated on the management side of the industry, rather than on clinical care.

A good essay shall showcase the following:

  • Students’ ability to research, and synthesize evidence based-literature;
  • Be able to provide the historical, current, and prospective methods of how the internet, a technological tool used for modern-day communication, has changed the way we see health.
  • Point out the gaps in healthcare provision between different socio-economic groups
  • Provide an argument for (or even against) the statement.

Types of Essay Writing Services by India Assignment Help

Some of the common essay types for which we provide services include the following:

  • Persuasive/argumentative: Makes a claim or takes a position and backs it up with data, expert opinions, evidence, etc.
  • Comparison: Means to compare similarities and differences between two topics.
  • Descriptive: Explains the "what, why, how, when, and where" of a topic.
  • Evaluation: Evaluates a thing or event and explains its importance, value, and/or relevance.
  • Narrative: Tells a story in a sequence of events along with a meaningful lesson, in the end, .

Our Exclusive Services

At India Assignment Help we offer the best essay writing service such as:

  • We provide highly-qualified experts who are very reliable;
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High-distinction Essay Writing Help in India

We at India Assignment Help believe in nothing less than high distinction. We ensure:

  • There is clear and substantive knowledge of the areas listed in the assessment task as well as a focused direction that always relates back to the statement provided.
  • The main ideas are highlighted and well-supported by detailed evidence and accurate information. This is done with critical inquiry and interpretation of the content and literature.
  • Arguments for or against the statement are strong and well-supported with clear examples of the communication and technology platform’s progression.
  • There is a strong and inviting introduction, clearly stating the main ideas, and providing an overview of the analysis.
  • The conclusion is strong and strings all the parts together.
  • The content is presented in a logical manner with smooth transitions
  • Between sections of the essay (beginning, middle, and end) and ideas.
  • There is a clear display of content knowledge and appropriate use of
  • The writing style reflects the prescribed standards of academic writing.
  • Referencing is correct and adheres to the style prescribed in the assignment task.

Our Process

We follow a very simple and hassle-free process at India Assignment Help.

You have to simply contact our customer care team who work round the clock and are available 24*7 and share your assignment needs with them. They will get back to you with a reasonable quote. Once you make the payment, our experts shall start working on your assignment immediately. We offer various flexible payment methods like credit/debit cards, net banking, or Payment Gateway.

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