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Competency Demonstration Report: A Quick Overview

Competency Demonstration Report: A Quick Overview

If you are a non-Australian and you wish to work and live in Australia as an engineer, you need to know everything about CDR or Competency Demonstration Report. A competency demonstration report is a collection of documents that you need to submit to the Institute of Engineers Australia in order to work as an Engineer in Australia. So what exactly is a competency demonstration report? As the name itself suggests, it is a document(s) that demonstrates whether you are competent enough to take up a role in any engineering field in Australia. The collection of documents required to submit CDR are as follows:

  • The Application Form of CDR
  • Self-Attested Copy of Report
  • Copies of your Academic Documents (Translated copies if they are in any other language than English)
  • Copy of your CV
  • Continuing Profession Development Listing
  • IELTS or  TOEFL Scores and Certificates
  • 3 Career Episode Reports
  • A Summarized Report on your Capabilities and Competencies Based on your Career Episode Reports

Challenges Involved in Writing the Career Episode Reports of CDR

Although, writing 3 career episodes where you have demonstrated your skills and engineer and your application of engineering skills to get out of a tricky situation sounds an easy task, it is not. The problem with writing an average CDR is that once rejected for any reason, you will only be able to re-apply after 11 months. It’s not just wasting another year but also loosing morale to try the next time that prompts students to seek CDR Writing Services in Australia. To write a CDR, you need to follow all the specific guidelines mentioned in the Migration Skills Assessment Booklet published by Engineers Australia, the organisation in charge of hiring migrant engineers in the country. Often, students fail to grasp the entire set of guidelines and end up with a CDR missing out on major information. This leads to rejection of the CDR and the student is left disappointed. This is why it is advised by many to seek the help of CDR writing experts in Australia.

Eligibility Criteria to Qualify for CDR

You need to be a graduate or a post-graduate in any of the engineering disciplines from a recognised and accredited university, you need to have relevant work experience in the engineering field to be able to write the 3 career episodes, and last but equally important, you need to be fluent in English language and should be able to prove the same through IELTS or TOEFL scores.

If you have all the relevant documents, educational qualification and work experience, you can trust CDR Writers in Australia to write a flawless and original CDR that gets selected. Usually, CDR services are affordable and are provided by experienced professionals with excellent track record in writing CDR that gets approved. These professionals understand every requirement of CDR and follow them to the last word. So, if you dream to work and live in Australia, as an engineer, you should definitely go for professional CDR writing services.

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