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How Many Students Go Abroad Each Year from India?

How Many Students Go Abroad Each Year from India?

Every year, lakhs of Indian students travel overseas to secure a better education. As per the statistical data sourced from the united nations. Indians are among the most academically inclined student communities around the world. In the past year, more than 13 lack students have travelled abroad to study at the premier institutions in countries across the world. the number has been increasing greatly every year since 2015. In this blog, we will also throw light on some of the most preferred study destinations for Indian students. UNESCO or the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation has stated that Indian students are one of the most academically inclined student communities around the world.

The numbers were increasing at an increasing rate every year for deceased except for the years; 2020 and 2021 due to the COVID 19 pandemic. Due to the implications of the disease itself, the closing down of physical campuses, the switch to online modes of learning and the travel restrictions, in general, have led to a decrease in this trend of Indian students travelling abroad for studies. Until about a decade ago, only as many as about sixty thousand Indian students were studying in foreign universities. This trend has now changed massively. In the year 2020, India was the single largest exporter of overseas students across the world. In 2020, the total number of Indian students travelling abroad for overseas education stood at more than 13 lakhs. However, experts and academicians around the world are also anticipating a decline in this trend owing to the immediate and long-term after-effects of the worldwide pandemic.

popular countries chosen by Indian student

The Worldwide Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic On International Education Has Had an Impact On How Many Students Go Abroad Each Year from India?

Owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, universities and academic institutions around the world were forced to close down their campuses and also cancel the physical on-campus classes. The universities and institutions had to make the difficult switch to online classes instead of physical classes. The rapid shift to virtual mechanisms of education is perhaps one of the most important impacts of the COVID 19 Pandemic on the world. The universities have also taken several active measures to ensure the health and safety of students studying on the campuses. Naturally, this has retarded the pace of education and training around the world.

In 2020, as the number of cases showed an unprecedented rise, many countries imposed travel bans due to which the students could not even return to their home countries. This left a very disparaging situation for the students studying in universities around the world. The situation worsened when many countries including India issued travel bans for most of 2020. Many students were not able to return to their home country and left to stay abroad and attend virtual classes. This has discouraged many students across the world from pursuing their dream of foreign education.

Also, in most countries around the world, visa rules have become stringent. Most visa applications were also rejected because the consulate services and embassies were only giving visas on an emergency basis. This has been a major factor in determining the number of students travelling abroad for higher education. Therefore, there is no doubt that the repercussions of the global COVID-19 pandemic as well as the aftermath of the disease have had major implications on students across the world. Many institutions also had to shut down various academic programs and courses due to less enrolment.

In the Past Decades, The Most Widely Preferred Study Destinations for A Majority of Indian Students Were

USA: India has been the single largest sender of qualified students to American universities for years. The American universities owing to their unique academic programs and industry-relevant curriculums have been the preferred choice for students in India.

UK: The United Kingdom is among the most preferred study destinations for students seeking an overseas education around the world. With some of the most eminent universities in the world, the UK remains a premier academic hub and a preferred destination by Indian students. A large Indian community in the country has also played a catalyst to the UK taking the top spot as the preferred study destination. The country’s student visa norms are also more relaxed as compared to the student visa norms in the USA.

Canada: Canada is gradually emerging as the top educational spot. Owing to student-friendly policies and norms as well as high-quality educational institutions, Canada has created a distinct place for itself among the most notable universities around the world.

Australia: Owing to ample opportunities for work and a student-friendly environment, Australia is among the top study destinations for Indian students. the country also boasts of some of the most renowned universities across the world. With a flourishing Indian community in the country, it is the preferred study destination for students and job seekers.

In the early 2000s, the USA was the most preferred study destination for Indian students. Indian students were also the largest student community in a majority of American universities after the American student community. As the international education mechanisms progressed and years passed, the preferred universities changed across the world.

In the past, students from India have chosen universities in countries such as Canada, Australia, UK, The UAE and Saudi Arabia. Further, ever since the global pandemic has gripped the world, there has been a paradigm shift in the decision-making process for Indian students in choosing the universities of their choice. Other factors such as the prospects of the programs, employability and trade relevance as well as practical exposure are now important factors when it comes to the choice of universities.

Students are now preferring countries that have succeeded in controlling the pandemic to a large extent. Germany, Ireland, France and New Zealand have emerged as important study destinations for students across the world. To study the overseas studying trends among students, it is important to get a good understanding of the number of students who go abroad each year from India.

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