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How to Focus on Reading

How to Focus on Reading

Hey there, reader, or at least a book lover. Are you a reader who reads page to page and cover to cover? Or are you a slow reader who takes weeks or even months to complete your current read? Regardless, you can be there reading “Harry flies desperately after, Dobby bouncing like a ping-pong ball down the stairs and into the kitchen. As Harry races in, he finds…”

Ping! Your phone distracts you yet again. It is a task to get back to your reading now. However, reading is simple if you just focus. Studies have shown that humans' focus span is eight seconds. Do something for at least seconds before you can focus. But, even that is a challenge with technology.

Reading makes you subconsciously remember all the information you attain through the pages. As proven by the researcher Anne E. Cunningham in her paper “The Role of Print Exposure and Reading Volume in Reading Acquisition.”

Good heavens! Phones are supposed to help you, yet they distract you from important things here. Read this blog to know how you can focus and other scientific humdrum to convince you to pick up a book today.

Reading is Important: Here are Some Unusual Reasons Behind it

You find it difficult to focus on reading as we are genetically designed with a short attention span. Moreover, Multitasking is a myth. Yes, you read right; you can’t multitask. It’s just your cerebral cortex switching between tasks. But, here’s how reading can help you focus better and why must you read actively:

Reading fiction makes you more creative and open-minded 

A study conducted at the University of Toronto assigned participants to write essays - fiction and nonfiction. The ones writing on fictitious concepts show a lower need for cognitive closure than the opposite. Well, cognitive closure is a trait that gives you reasoning and the psychological need to seek information. Thus, read fiction and be kinder.


People who read books live longer

Another study at Yale University proves that book readers live an average of twenty-three months longer than non-readers. In short, reading affects empathy, social perception, and emotional intelligence. So, have you decided on your next read?

Successful people are readers

Wait, this is not another study, just an observation. You must’ve come across successful people sharing their reading lists. Reading increases cognitive engagement, improving thinking, vocabulary, and analytical skills. 

Reading reduces screen time.

Also, when you focus on reading, you get rid of all the distractions. Phones are our biggest distractions. Obviously, not because we must not use it, but extensive use leads to dry eye syndrome and insomnia. Reading helps reduce screen time. 

Bibliosmia means the smell of pages emitting from a book. Your bibliophile friend will tell you how enticing and nostalgia-inducing such smells are for regular readers.

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Why We Can’t Focus on Reading and How to Fix It?

In addition, World Atlas statistics show that people in India read the most globally. Thailand is second, followed by China. Wait, I believe most of you do read. Great. Now for the ones still struggling to focus on reading; here’s how to overcome your excuses:

I’m too busy

You are not busy, just tired or unorganized per se. You can make time for reading by scheduling a time to read. So, scan your daily tasks and start reading at least half an hour per day.

Books are expensive

Yes, and no. Books are expensive as paperbacks cost anywhere between three to five hundred rupees. But, you can buy one for less at some street market, or you get a second-hand book for even lesser. Download a pdf or borrow there are many solutions. 

Can't I Just Watch the Movie?

As an avid reader, I must tell you movies do not comprise all the scenes from the book. There are only half or a quarter of the scenes that make it into the movie. Scenes lose the original feel and context. Books are way better. Moreover, you can start by reading the book for a movie you loved so much.

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