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How to Make Your Essay Attractive?

How to Make Your Essay Attractive?

Have you ever thought about which section is most important in an essay? Well, every section is as important as the others, but the most impactful and engaging section is considered to be the introduction and its conclusion. A strong introduction can draw a reader’s full attention, and a sensational conclusion can develop a great review for the reader. Hence, it is crucial for the writer to make the essay as attractive as possible and draw the most attention to the reader or audience. So, let’s discuss what is called essay writing and what its basic format is.


Essay writing is the most basic and an interesting writing practice in academia. It gives the right understanding of information, concepts, facts, descriptions, and many more things to know. The concepts are elaborated and described deeply with the level of ease of reading, understanding, and therefore, generating interest of a reader. In addition to this, it involves the development of the skills of students and diversifying their minds.

As discussed above, essay writing includes two major sections - introduction and conclusion. They play the most crucial role while having an essay written. Every context is unique such as when you are having a conversation with your friend and another with your professor or your manager, all the arguments are different from each other. Your replying context would be different in every situation. As a result, for both arguments, essays are divided into two types: narrative and expository.

Most academic essays are formal in nature, meaning the topic is related to a professional or public context. In this, personal contexts and statements are restricted because every formal essay may not have a personal context in it. The topics for formal essay writing can include environmental issues, public welfare practices, emerging technologies, business models, etc.

Best Tips from an Expert to Produce High-Scoring Essays

Here are the top five best tips that can help you to make your essay writing better and more attractive.

1. Information Gathering

Essay writing needs a good amount of information analysis. Well, it’s not as technical as you might think, but it involves a good amount of online research, collection of data, analysis of news reports, articles, etc. for developing a great idea. These measures are more inclined to students’ or writers’ minds because when you read some books, do online research, or read multiple articles, you gain as much knowledge from those contents as you have a great idea. These practices will give you more clarity about the topic in-depth and you will see new perspectives on your idea.

2. Create a Strong Outline

When you are clear with the topic and its content, it’s now important to plan in what way you are going to represent or put your idea or argument in the format. A proper structure is one of the measures that denotes the quality of the essay. Clear statements, proper structuring, and correct arguments will create a scope of approved content by the reader and enhance the rating measures also.

Hence, there are three steps by which you can create an appropriate outline for your essay.

Step 1: When you start writing an essay, first try to convey the actual agenda or purpose of the essay. The start should be clear and to the point so that the reader can easily identify which context you are using and how creative you are while describing your purpose.

Step 2: Always recheck the content that you have written in your essay. Every writing practice needs to be rechecked and confirmed to avoid inconsistency and incorrectness. Rechecking will allow you to have better clarity of what you have considered in the essay and whether you missed any main purpose. Try to collaborate the information in sections with better connectivity.

Step 3: The last and most crucial step is to end the essay with a strong conclusion that must be interesting and amazing. Mostly, a general mistake has been found, which is that writers are more focused on the main content and neglect the quality of the conclusion, which is the biggest mistake of writers. That’s why you complete the whole context with a great and attentive conclusion.

3. Context Styling

As the content could be formal or informal, you need to focus on how you are styling the context, whether it is about vocabulary or writing style. Every context needs to be precise, imperative, and provide essential learning. Many times, it’s shown that people face two basic issues, which are overcomplication and vagueness. That is the reason why it is needed to use the right term in the right place. It means that you must use the correct terms in the appropriate context.

4. Grammatical Syntax

Every essay or any written document has one essential component, which is grammatical error-free content. No one will tolerate grammatical or punctuation errors in the essay, whether it is your professor or another teacher. The essay with grammatical errors is the most reliable and likely to be accepted. Effectively used grammar, syntax, and punctuation marks can be a game-changer in essay writing and help to convey the message in the appropriate context.

5. Voice Tone

Every type of the essay needs a particular essence of one voice, which means sometimes it’s necessary to use an appropriate voice and a positive tone while writing an essay. The tone should be attentive, engaging, and straight to the point. A confident voice and a strong tone can affect the whole scenario and can be a plus point for the writer.


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