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How To Study For SAT

How To Study For SAT

Do you plan on enrolling in a university in the US? Or are you preparing for the SAT? Well, you’ve stumbled across the right beginner's guide. Firstly, the SAT or “Scholastic Assessment Test” is a joint aptitude test across America for entering college or university. You must be aware of such entrance exams as they are almost huge even in India.

NEET (The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) or CUET (The Common University Entrance Test) are vaguely similar. But, SAT comes with a catch. Many (and you may as well) know it as PSAT. It is the “Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test”. It is a mock test but more. If you want to score well on the SAT, it is important to score well on the PSAT.

There are over 18,900 enrolment in the class 0f 2022, an admission percentage of 31%, and the freshman class is excellent at every level of skills. - American University, Washington D.C.

However, before we move toward the study guide, we must break a few things down. The myths about SAT drive students up the wall. You might be one of them. So read forth to know if you are in the dark. This blog breaks down four myths and facts that will help you study for SAT effectively.

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Four Myths and Facts about SAT You Must Know Before You Start Preparing

Additionally, preparing for an exam comes with varied worries, anxieties and misinformation. Various rumours fly on the internet. But, ensure that you download the original guidelines - preferable from the College Harvey website. If you read the official guidelines yet are anxious about the myths, let me clarify them for you.

Myth #1: SATs are the projection of my intelligence and entail my performance at university


SATs are based on high school-level maths and language skills. So, as long as you got your ABCs and 123s down, you’re unstoppable. Moreover, it is not based on intelligence but on how effective you prepare. Also, your college performance will depend on your course comprehension as you enter college.

Myth #2: SAT includes complex math concepts


Again, SAT comprises questions based on high school-level math and language. You must know statistics, arithmetic, and basic geometry. The basics translate to only six geometry questions out of 154. If you have issues with any of these, better get down to studying for SAT today.

Myth #3: You can’t score well on reading


The key to getting a hold of reading is to read. Not to be sarcastic, but the reading score is not difficult as long as you increase your vocabulary. Read more and read aloud. The mirror is your friend to practice enunciating and comprehending each verb, noun, and article. Also, widen your vocabulary to prepare yourself for any difficult words to come.

Myth #4: It’s better a dud than a deduction


SAT does not have negative markings. Your score will not be affected if you answer incorrectly. Thus, you must answer each question you come across. Also, there’s a Quinquadragintillion (one out of twenty-seven) chance of guessing the right answer.

The first SAT was conducted in the fall of 1971. But, some PSAT dates back to June 1993 and are qualifying proofs for admission in intellectual clubs - Intertel and Mensa.

Do you feel less anxious now? Although the official guidelines clearly state the requirements and information, worry is often involuntary. Now you can move forth to the study guide.

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What Should I Study First for the SAT?

Now, studying for any exam is an ongoing process. You must prepare beforehand. Studies (reported by show that students must study ten to twenty hours per week for three months. A big day needs big preparation, so make sure you are prepared. As a beginner, follow these four steps to get started:

Step1: Access your skills

First, the level of skills for the SAT is high school level; still, you must assess your skill level. Regardless of how easy or difficult it may seem, knowing your improvement areas is the key.

Step2: Mock tests

You can take a mock test. Many of you know it as PSAT. It is the best way to prepare for your SATs as it is more difficult than the original test. The final score you get on your PSAT usually increases twice or three times in your SAT, so don’t fret if you aren’t scoring well on mock tests.

Step3: Familiarise yourself

Also, taking sample tests familiarises you with the test structure. You get familiar with the type of questions that are put on SAT. Through this, you get familiar with the question and minimise the shock on exam day.

Step4: Mixed practice

Practising is the key, but it is also important to break the monotonous pattern of cramming. Do mix your study modules. It helps exercise your knowledge and refresh your memory.

In 2021, Massachusetts students scored the best on SAT with an average of twenty-seven per cent out of the thirty-six percentile. - Statista

In short, study, practice and practice some more. Your SAT scores depend on your PSATs which further rely on the grasp of your concepts. Math is about numbers, equations and geometry, but more than that, it is about understanding. How to practice effectively, you wonder?

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What Is the Best Way to Practice Sat?

Commonly, a fifty per cent or above on SAT is a good score. 800/1600 is a better score than average, implying that you've scored better than many. Still, aim for 1200; it puts you in the top percentile of the nation. You have a seventy-percent chance of getting into your dream university with that score. So, here’s how you practice for that above-average result:

  • Work on developing better language skills. Broaden your vocabulary daily by learning at least ten new words a day. Practice reading aloud.
  • Again, read and write extensively. Nothing can stop you from scoring well on the reading test if you get this down.
  • Ensure the learning material you use meets the guidelines and requirements per the year. Don’t dig too into the past when working on sample tests; just stick to the past five years.
  • Don’t just memorise the formulas but understand them when you study for SAT. Tests aren’t going to be as straightforward; it is a test of your comprehension rather than memory.
  • Practice excessively or just enough but maintain a regular study schedule. A schedule will help you study and relax accordingly.

Tip: The ones preparing for the SAT should at least score in the 25th percentile for getting into popular universities. An average score of 75th percentile SAT score makes the candidate more eligible.

Did you know that you can attempt the SAT as often as you want? There are seven SAT schedule dates in a year.

The sum of evidence-based reading and writing (EBRW) along with the maths section must range between four hundred and the maximum score (1600). Each comprises two to eight hundred points, six hundred on each section is a good score. The chances of such scores aren't minimal; you need to study and practice to score better gradually.

Do this on the SAT Exam-Day

Lastly, the exam results aren’t a reflection of your intelligence, nor are they a forecast of your university life ahead. Several universities in the country are just as apt to provide a fruitful education and career ahead. Just score between four hundred and sixteen hundred.

On exam day, the best tip is to manage your time. Don’t finch when you hear “time’s up”. Also, use your time wisely to complete the test and go back to check before submitting it. Now, you know that there aren’t any negative markings on the test, so try guessing the answers. You must attempt all the questions.

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