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How to Write A Good Thesis Statement

How to Write A Good Thesis Statement

The right start is the key to effectively delivering the theme’s intent. Your content may be very informative, yet it fails to ease the reader into the pace; it is ineffective. Moreover, the purpose of every textual piece is to make the audience read the first sentence and the next, and so on. If you want to intrigue the reader, start effectively.

But, you may wonder how to do I do it? Deliver the theme/idea effectively. Also, it is necessary to state the scope of the piece. So, captivate the reader through information. It’s exactly what a hook does. Still, a thesis statement must not be mistaken for a long version of a hook; both are quite different.

Remember: The concussion of a written piece restates the thesis statement. So, an effective thesis statement means a good conclusion to your piece.

Is your thesis statement informative? Does it compel the reader to read further? Does it state the theme clearly? Learn the answer to all these questions and more through this blog. Read forth to know some common mistakes when composing thesis statements. Access your errors and learn through thesis statement examples.


Avoid These Mistakes in Your Thesis Statement

Firstly, starting a thesis statement may be effective. Still, it’s a toss-up event. A question is effective in catching attention, but in hindsight, it is a double edge sword. So, if you wonder how to write your thesis statement effectively every time, avoid doing these:

Being vague and stating unrelated facts

Starting with a quote often works. But, the quote must relate to the whole idea and essence of your thesis statement. Information unrelated to your topic may capture the reader. Yet, they will bounce the moment they identify your trick, or your professor will grade your thesis accordingly.

Using all the ideas from your body paragraphs

Another important purpose of the thesis statement is to state the paper’s scope. Still, do not use all the ideas from the body paragraphs. Unless necessary, you must hold back from giving too much information. It takes away from the effectiveness of your paper, especially the body paragraphs.

Writing a boring thesis statement

You must wonder, what exactly does a boring thesis statement mean? Well, for example, if your thesis statement goes something like, “This thesis aims to explore the possibilities…” or “The objective of this research paper is to determine the…” Then this approach isn’t wrong and old school per se. You must use it if necessary. But, admit your chances of reading a paper that starts like this are low, or it does not attract many readers.

Stating facts that provide leeway for scopes

If you use facts in your thesis statement, it is a good idea. In fact, it makes your content seem informative. On the other hand, it also leaves less scope for the reader to scroll down. Facts are useful as long as you leave scope for readers to explore.

Overcomplicating by squishing many ideas together

Before you write a thesis statement, ensure that you have your ideas sorted out. It is important to distinguish between different ideas you want to add and prioritize. Do not overload the reader with too much information that is hard to follow.

Trivia: Research by a German researcher, Martin Lotze, shows that creative writing uses brain activity while creative writing is similar to the one during athletic competition.

So, these are a few of the common mistakes that writers make. Which one of these are you? If none. You are actually doing something right. Keep up. However, there’s always scope for improvement, and you must keep your mind open to new ideas and hacks. Read forth to know you can improve your thesis statement further.

Writing a thesis statement is a work in progress. You compose a statement then your mind delivers a better idea. Develop multiple ideas and finalise the best one. Also, if you are out of ideas, you may opt for expert intervention. Our experienced academic experts help you compose the best thesis statement at affordable prices. Just fill out the enrolment form to get online writing help and access our repository for a free thesis example.

Instead, Try These Hacks for Effectively Composing Your Thesis Statements

Now, if you understand where your thesis statement might be lacking, there’s scope for you to improve it before it's time for submission. Thus, here are five things you can do to improve your thesis statement:

Be specific and focus on your argument

Thesis statements are only a sentence or a few long. Hence, these few sentences mean a lot to introduce the theme and get the reader excited, so use them wisely.

Use a broader topic from your paper

You can always base your thesis statement on a broader idea from the content than a specific subheading. A wider topic gives readers an idea about the topics you might explore in the body section.

Make short sentences

Understandably, it is more of writing hygiene advice. Still, writing short and less complicated sentences is helpful for readers who have no idea about the theme.

Write in a firm tone but don’t sound authoritative

You ought to write in an assertive way for your thesis statement. Besides, the idea is to inform. But, one must ensure their tone suits the audience. You wouldn’t want your professor telling you to watch your tone.

Use facts/quotes/information that makes the reader wonder

Lastly, thesis statements are most important in delivering new ideas to the reader. Whatever information or other elements you use in your thesis statement, make sure it’s context specific. Also, it must support the reader’s perception.

Did you know that world-renowned novelist Agatha Christie couldn’t write properly due to a condition called dysgraphia?

Get all these checks for your thesis statement, and you are good to go. Moreover, the writing style, tone, amount of information, and more such details depend on the type of paper. Also, the university guidelines are to abide by; ensure you follow those and unleash your creativity. Let’s learn through some examples.

Get all these checks for your thesis statement, and you are good to go. Moreover, the writing style, tone, amount of information, and more such details depend on the type of paper. Also, the university guidelines are to abide by; ensure you follow those and unleash your creativity. Let’s learn through some examples.


Here are Some Thesis Statement Examples for Clarity

Some examples for you to understand better:

  • Social media has both positive and negative impacts on students.
  • Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain is an outstanding novel. But the contrast shown in the book is debatable.
  • Will tax implementation on processed foods help the economy and public health? Or is it a formula for mass indignation?
  • Newtro: The old school infused with new ideas equals a fashion statement taking over the socio-economic trends.
  • I plan to explore all the dietary changes throughout the ages and geography.

Tip: A strong thesis statement makes an argument and provides a course of action to prove it. So, ensure you compose your statement this way.

Hopefully, you know the dos and don’ts of a thesis statement. Explore through these and more before you put your pen to writing. Developing a thesis statement takes a while. So, do it last, unless necessary. Develop your paper and then compose multiple drafts of your thesis statement. It’s like an acquired trait; the more you practice, the better you will be.

At Last, Remember…

Finally, your thesis statement is important for your paper, regardless of the theme. You may be writing an essay and a thesis statement is still very much important. It is placed in the introduction or is a stand-alone section (in a thesis/dissertation). The bottom line, be specific, focus on the theme, and ensure it’s effective in convincing the reader to read further.

A thesis statement may be a small part of your paper, but it is challenging all the same. If you need assistance developing your thesis statement or need some thesis writing examples to refer to, you may start by filling out the enrolment form. We offer the best-in-class thesis writing help and free-of-cost thesis samples. Hire our assignment help today!


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