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How to Write an Assignment? | India Assignment Help

How to Write an Assignment? | India Assignment Help

After your admission to a university or college for higher studies, there is a lot of writing and assignments to be done. This can be a daunting task for a student who also has to focus on their core studies and concepts. Writing assignments without even a strand of quality compromise is a strenuous job, without a doubt. Luckily, the online assignment help has been set up to assist the students with quality assignments. With us, as the provider of assignment help in India, writing assignments will no longer be a tough nut to crack. The content followed further is all about writing quality assignments that will land you the desired grades.

Here is a guide which will be your assignment help, given out by our expert assignment writers. It is a no-brainer that students do lack in following up with all the lectures, may forget about citations and references, and the list goes on. For the development of a quality assignment, there are several inputs required, and with India Assignment Help’s solutions, you will easily get the required guidelines for questions like ‘how to write an assignment’. So, fret no more, and read further!

Step 1- Start With the Basic-Planning

Planning of the assignment will help you stay focused and concentrated on the assignment. Calculate the worth of your assignment and see how many marks does it control in the final. Doing this will help you in selecting the number of hours that you want to dedicate to it. Another important part is to look out for the marking rubrics so that you get the idea of what your professors are seeking from the assignment. With this, you will know the pointers on which the focus has to be more. Break the tasks required for the completion of your assignment like referencing, information collection, sources, etc into a list. Set up a deadline for each task.

Step 2- Analysis of the Question

Before you start writing the answer to a question, you need to be aware of what it means. Read it carefully and try to comprehend the expectation out of that question. You will have to ask three questions from yourself-

  1. What is the question about and what is the topic?
  2. What is the meaning of the question?
  3. What is that I have done for it?

Follow the format of writing it in your own words. For instance, ‘ The assignment is about------ and I have to------.’ This will help you in understanding the expectation like compare, contrast, or analyze. Look out for the meaning of the words given in the question. Search for words that tell you about the topic on which the assignment has to be written. You will find some restricting words which will limit the topic for you. Thus, making it easier for you to break down the analysis. Keep in mind to check the course pages to find any essential information about your assignment.

Step 3- Drafting of the Outline

When it comes to writing an assignment, drafting an outline will help you in structuring it. If you talk about the experts of online assignment help, they also prefer outlining the assignment before writing it. With the information about the type of assignment, you will get a broad structure of the assignment. To have a better understanding, you will have to check the question thoroughly and marking rubrics for structurization. Note down the sections that carry most of the marks. Make an outline using all this information and the pointers given below.

  • Jot down the structure of the assignment
  • For the introduction, put up a word count for the thesis statement or what we creatively call a hook sentence.
  • After this, you should summarize in a line about the choice of topic
  • In the body section, use different paragraphs to explain different aspects of your assignment
  • According to the clauses that you want to discuss, distribute the word count.
  • Firstly, you will describe the topic sentence and the explanation for it.
  • In that point itself, go further by explaining your arguments along with sold validations
  • Follow this pattern for all the points and back your arguments with evidences
  • Now when you are done with the body, focus on writing a conclusion
  • The key points of the thesis statement and assignment have to be highlighted in the conclusion
  • A final statement should be catchy and that is how you will sum up the assignment.

Step 4- Finding the Right Information

Before you begin with the tasks of writing, research about the topic and gather reliable sources of information. You can always connect with our experts of assignment help in India to get the best information about the topic and subjects. You might find relevant sources in your course materials or you can walk down to a library and have a reading of some books. Finding the information is not the end of the task. You will have to evaluate, segregate, and ensure that the information that you are using is relevant and reliable.

Step 5- The Elephant in the Room- Writing

Now is the time to put together all the collected information and begin with writing your assignment.

About the First Draft

Bring your outline to use and fill in the gaps with the important points of all the sections. Write without worrying about everything being 100% accurate. You might feel the ease with writing the background or conclusion first as it gives you the direction. The introduction is usually hard to cover, so you can skip it for the last. Don’t overburden yourself with the task of writing this draft perfectly because it will change.

The Final Draft

You will have to revise your initial draft and check whether it is structured properly or not. Check if it has all the necessary things and go by fine-tuning your words. Make sure that your writing seems to be in a smooth flow. Keep the copies of your draft because you never know when you might need one them. Don’t forget to compile the referencing and bibliography for the assignment.

Step 6- Proofreading and Editing

When you are done with writing your assignment, there is always a scope of improvement with proofreading and editing. It is advised to take a break between writing and editing for clarity of mind and stress. This is suggested by the experts of assignment help. A short break will help you in seeing the assignment from a fresh mind and will open the door for betterment.

Look From a Wider Perspective

  • Did you answer the question asset? Is your assignment set according to the marking rubrics and the question?
  • Check for the structure of the assignment. This is important!
  • Did you include all the relevant parts like the conclusion, title, or the introduction?
  • Is the content formulated logically?
  • Does the assignment flows smoothly wherein one section glides on to the other? Do one thing and read it out loud. This helps to check the flow of your assignment.
  • Check if all your sources are acknowledged and that you have used your own words
  • Is the presentation of your assignment well?
  • Have a look at the details like the usage of academic English. Don’t rely on a spell checker, check the punctuation, grammar and spellings personally. Ensure that your referencing APA is correct.

Here is a tip- Make a family member or friend read your assignment and let them tell their views on it. This will help in any further improvement.

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