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How to Write A Dissertation?

How to Write A Dissertation?

Achieving a doctorate is the dream for many, and especially if it's a field you are passionate about, it is the goal. You may be one of such students pursuing your doctorate, planning to get that doctoral degree and get your dream job. But, before that, several hurdles might slow down your pace, a dissertation, for example.

To define a dissertation, you need to know the prospect behind completing one. In high school, your assignments entailed practising some skill sets and going over some information. But, in university, you are required to put those skill sets to use and develop your research skills.

A young dissertation writer was asked about her grey hair due to poor health or a tragedy; she replied: "It's because of the footnotes". Quote by Joanna Russ

University assignments aim at enabling students to explore various concepts and industry implications in the professional world. Hence, a dissertation is a paper that comprises two years' worth of research and writing. Students compile their dissertation throughout their doctoral degree pursuit.

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What are some of the issues students need help with writing a dissertation?

But, before you can move forward with stressing over your dissertation shortcomings or wondering if you should go through with the topic of your choice? Wait. Take a breather. Now, here are some issues that you might be facing and how you can overcome them:

Significance of the Study

The first step to composing a dissertation is picking a topic or a thesis statement that you want to base your research on; It can be based on previous research or an addition to the body of knowledge. In this stage, you will have a hard time finding the right topic due to the significance of the study that you want to use.

Your topic may be niche and less explored, so checking the accuracy becomes challenging as you can barely find relevant information. The solution can be to consult your professor about the same and, if possible, collaborate with them to develop precise results.

Purpose of the Study

After picking the topic, you will have to develop a thesis statement for your choice of topic. Defining your prospect for the study in a few lines is challenging. Often many topics seem mundane or trivial. Picking the right perspective is important for posing your purpose for the study.

Try writing multiple thesis statements and get second advice on which works the best. It can be hard to convey the same vision you have for your study in a few lines. The best solution is open to discussing it with your mentor.

Limitations of the Study

You picked the topic that conveyed your purpose, but several limitations arose during the two years of research. As stated above, not getting enough resources is the biggest challenge. In addition, small sample data, poor research questions, possible bias in calculations, faulty tools, etc.

Such issues are overcome depending on eh effect it has on the study; if you have a bias in your calculations, you can overcome it by stating the limitations in your paper. But, the small sample size and lack of resources are difficult to overcome and might not help writing a dissertation, so you might want to switch to another topic.

Data Collection

When pursuing the research hypothesis, you will be collecting data from various sources. Often data collection isn't as easy as going on the internet and typing your query. Experimenting takes much patience and hardwork. You will have to note down the observations almost every day.

A small bias in data collection or experiment failure can ruin study and research days/months' worth. It doesn't happen often, but there are instances where such issues have cost students great hard work and time.

Tip: When you conduct your research, always refer to the content flow you've designed for your dissertation, as it will help you determine the relevancy of each source to the ones you're using. Doing so entails less editing time.

These issues aren't generic or specific; you might go through the same and still complete your research flawlessly. It is a matter of research limitations and unforeseen issues that make students lose their progress. Any issues you face can be resolved in collaboration with your professor. So never shy from approaching them.

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Why get dissertation writing help?

Now, it's understandable you're seeking dissertation help as it is indeed a challenging task. Finding the right resources, writing, compiling, editing, revising, and meeting deadlines will face issues. All this, and if you face any of the issues listed above, calls for expert intervention. Here's why you can use some help:

Researching Help

Research is important to determine the course of action, gather information, and develop theories in the field. It helps build knowledge and understand the issues regarding research as a tool for analysing their content flow and determining future scope. Since it is very important, it has to be presented properly.

Experts can help you with each step of the research process and help compile your research effectively. You can get help for researching effective topics or finding good resources.

Academic resources

Finding good resources is a major issue many students face due to the topic being rather specific. Academic resources are often available on university websites, but you can still have trouble finding research done on a similar theme. Using reference research can be useful but finding one is hard.

Online academic experts can provide you with the right resources from their online repository adn save your time and efforts.

Meeting Deadline

Two years' worth of research requires constant writing, editing, revision and referencing. You may face issues when doing all this simultaneously. But, frequently, students face a hard time meeting deadline due to a bias in their analysis or incomplete research. Such issues can arise unwarranted.

Dissertation writing experts can help you get all this done right before your deadline and help you with editing/proofreading. They are expert professionals in the field and know just what you need.

Writing Assistance

If you believe yourself to be an underwhelming writer, this one's just for you. A dissertation is a paper that comprises profound academic knowledge with all the subject-specific lexical writing. Such a paper is quite a challenge. If you are pursuing an applied course, you will know this.

Academic writing is an art mastered by only a few. Such academic papers don’t phase industry experts who have years of experience in academic writing. Also, getting help will get your job done easily and timely.

Did you know that India’s Research and Development expenses were approximately Rs 1.23 crore in 2018-19?

Such issues are bound to arise while writing a research paper. It's good that you can get help from online academic experts. Getting a doctoral degree is the goal for many but achieving it is not as easy as it seems. Getting dissertation writing help might be the motivation you need to finish your dissertation regardless of research difficulties.

steps in writing a dissertation

How do we ensure a good review for a dissertation?

A good review for your dissertation is the most desirable, yet there are still minor checks that you have to perform. Editing and proofreading must not be skipped as your paper will get published for the field experts to read, and you would not like to seem unprofessional. So, follow these steps:

  • Focus on whether the paper’s purpose is justified or not
  • The clarity in presenting the main idea of the paper
  • The structuring/organisation of the paper, if it is according to the subject requirements
  • The content’s originality and if the presented arguments in the paper are well-executed
  • Researching is just the first step; it is important to add correct information with references.
  • Style
    1. Sentence structure
    2. Vocabulary and tone
    3. Other details - examples used and descriptions
  • Correct grammar is of absolute importance in a dissertation regardless of the paper's length, as it focuses mainly on students' writing.

Tip: Always proofread your paper before submitting it; even get a second opinion from your peers to make sure it doesn't seem rushed or unclear.

These are a few tips that you can use when writing your dissertation. It is difficult to ensure all of them when writing a dissertation as the word length is 30,000-50,000 words. Still, if you aren't apt to do the final check, it is advisable to get dissertation writing help from academic writing experts online.

Working through your dissertation will require you to go through the various stages of researching, drafting, compiling your research papers, ect. It can get overwhelming to do all of it; get Dissertation Writing help to get free resources and affordable live guided sessions. Our experts can help you throughout the process of compiling your research paper.

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