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How to Write a Dissertation Proposal

How to Write a Dissertation Proposal

A Dissertation is an essential long-form text that allows students and young scholars to carry out investigative research and present it in a documented form. From an academic viewpoint, a dissertation is among the most revered assignments that allow scholars to conduct extensive study on a particular topic to provide all the aspects of consideration related to the topic.

To write a dissertation, the scholar first needs to prepare a research proposal. The research proposal is the first chapter of the dissertation and is a concise representation of how the whole study is being carried out. The research proposal allows the scholar to lay down the basic structure of the whole assignment and what will be its essential elements. In this blog, we will explore how to write dissertation proposals in detail, but before that, let’s understand what a dissertation is and why it is important.


The dissertation is a long-form assignment that requires students to present their learning in a comprehensive way. The dissertation is often a part of the final year of the student’s academic course that carries a substantial mark. The dissertation is often used by professors to evaluate the learning of the students.

What is a Dissertation Proposal?

A dissertation proposal is a brief description of the dissertation whose primary objective is to describe the research in a concise way. A dissertation proposal is usually written as a research paper. Hence, proper background research must take place. Also, knowing the field of writing is essential. A student or researcher may choose topics of their interest. Choose a field that is specific to you. The choice of a topic often requires some background study to comprehend whether a solution to a problem is to be done or proving a point.

Components of the Dissertation Proposal


An introduction is the first part of a dissertation proposal that introduces the reader to the purpose of writing the research paper. The most crucial part of the introduction is the research question. Ask research questions based on your background framework. Before you write, you should know what makes the topic of your choice more interesting. Conduct extensive background research. Through this research, you will present the facts you discover. You should know the purpose of your research. Make sure your research is feasible enough to convince the readers strongly.

Aims and Objectives

Once you have identified the field of your writing, you should determine the aim of your writing. You should also find the objectives and purpose of your writing. In a dissertation proposal, the aims define the solution parameter that the dissertation strives to attain in response to the research question. Similarly, the objectives are the subdivision of the solutions that are discussed in different dimensions to resolve or prove the research question.

Literature Review

In this phase, the writer provides academic and literary information related to the topic. A literature review is writing and interpreting the ideas and results of other researchers and writers by acknowledging them. This requires an examination of previous research work. Make sure you are not questioning something that has already been answered. By analyzing others' work, you present their ideas and interpret how they influence your research. Also, present the drawbacks and gaps in the other research work that you are interpreting.

Research Methodology

Research methodology is one of the most important elements of the whole dissertation. It defines the framework and research approach taken by the student to complete the research. There are fundamentally two prime methodologies of research: primary and secondary. Based on data available for interpretation, the methodology can also be qualitative or quantitative. Defining research methodology aims to ensure the availability of data and resources along with the whole research procedure.

Critical Analysis

Analyze the method of your writing. There are two ways of presenting a research study or paper. The first one is empirical research. And the other one is theoretical research. The first deals with effectively exploring new data. It deals with analyzing and effectively interpreting data. This data is analyzed to get answers to certain questions. Hence, the first one deals mostly with numerical values, words, and verbal. The second one is developing a theoretical concept of other people's research. It mainly focuses on developing a theoretical framework. This includes a specific approach. It discusses the key ideas and analyses the concept. It creates a thorough SWOT analysis. There are various elemental concepts through which analysis is done. The motive of analysis is to present the interpretation of the information and data that has been collected.

Challenges in the Research

Challenges are an essential part of the research. The purpose of challenges is to identify the issues and shortcomings that are quite possible to occur. The anticipation of challenges will allow the scholar to resolve them while conducting the study or research for the dissertation. So, the dissertation must facilitate solutions to the challenges discussed in the dissertation proposal.


It is an important part of the whole dissertation. In this section, you must describe the number of tasks that are included in the dissertation and how much time is required to complete each task. It allows you to use the available time smartly and strategically.


In this step, provide the suggestions for the research work that you are elaborating on. Comprehend what you are expecting through your research work. Provide answers to the questions that you raised earlier in the research paper. Address the purpose as soon as you finish the research. Talk and challenge the basic beliefs. Give suggestions on improvements. Try to close the gap through your research work. Recommendations should basically contain the anticipatory outcome of the dissertation.


A bibliography is the list of references from which an idea or concept has been taken. The motive of adding the bibliography is to showcase the authenticity of the information. Based on the type of dissertation required and the university, the students can choose to write their bibliography or references in accordance with Harvard, APA, MLA, Chicago, etc., referencing styles.

So, in short, here are all the major components of a dissertation:


Some Fundamental and Crucial Tips for Writing Dissertation Proposal

  • Find a niche for your writing
  • Don't exaggerate or be ambiguous
  • Explain what a reader can expect from your research
  • Always support your information with suitable data
  • Make sure to distribute the tasks on a timeline
  • Be informative and use fewer flowery sentences

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