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How to Write A Thesis For A Research Paper

How to Write A Thesis For A Research Paper

Are you a postgraduate student preparing your thesis statement? Well, this blog is just for you. Researching takes many for in university academia. Reports, informative essays, thesis/dissertation and research papers are a few examples. When composing your paper, a thesis statement is the first step before starting the rough draft.

Moreover, your thesis statement describes is your approach to the theme is justifiable. Simply put, you promise the reader about the purpose, scope and an effective approach to the theme through the thesis statement. But how to compose one?

This blog explores the ‘thesis statement’ and how it differs from a research hypothesis. Tag along to learn the steps to compose an effective thesis research paper.


What Is a Thesis Statement?

Firstly, you must know the basics. You comprise one or more sentences declaring/summarising the theme and approach for the paper. You must creatively identify the theme in a few words or a sentence. Often, thesis statements are put near the end of the introduction or as a stand-alone statement in the first half of the intro.

Also, make sure you clearly assert the noteworthy points. Communicate with the readers about what to expect. It is like the tagline you witness in movie trailers. The protagonist ends with a statement that leaves you anticipating. Similarly, you surely can and should dramatize your thesis statement. For example,

“What happens when the rupee breaches 80 against the US dollar?” Reads the Times of India headline (Published 15th July 22) about the dramatic drop in the rupee value against the dollar.

Does this headline seem informative, dramatic or intriguing to you? If it piqued your interest, the writer’s headline worked. In the same manner, you must inform, intrigue and offer an interlude for the reader to anticipate further through the thesis for the research paper. However, do not overreach and state something out of your research. Stick to the content you write in your paper. 

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How Is a Thesis Statement Different from a Research Hypothesis?

Secondly, a research hypothesis is similar to a thesis statement since both aim to address the research question for the paper. However, both serve a distinct purpose. A thesis statement is short and direct, whereas a research hypothesis is detailed and lengthy. Qualitative and quantitative are the types of thesis.

You summarise the main points of the research question to inform the reader. However, the research does summarise the main points to support or refute the thesis. A thesis in a research paper is commonly included in the introduction. Meanwhile, the research hypothesis is often part of the conclusion.

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Also, the research hypothesis is used for experiment-based reports. Depending on the methodology and research process, the hypothesis changes accordingly. The relationship between the variables in the experiment is added to the research hypothesis. Hence, a thesis statement cannot be used interchangeably with a research hypothesis.


What Are the Steps to Developing a Thesis Statement?

In addition, your thesis statement should be clear and concise. A statement must be short and to the point. But, a thesis statement must deliver your intent effectively and intrigue the reader to read further. Here’s how to compose a thesis statement in just four steps:

Step 1: Start with a question

The most common yet effective thesis statement consists of a question. Marketers use this strategy to develop an idea of the product in the user’s mind. Develop a brief research question that defines the theme. Thus, you are done with the first part of your thesis for the research paper.

Step 2: Answer your question

Next, vaguely answer your question, not in detail but enough to develop a content timeline for your readers. In brief, tell them what to expect. Ensure that it effectively adds to the research question that connects to the previous statement.

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Step 3: Make the readers ponder

The answer you came up with is crucial for your thesis statement. It sets the base for your content flow in the research paper. Further, you must develop the answer further in the body section.

Step 4: Do it effectively

Develop more than one thesis statement. You may find one most effective to deliver the main idea of your research. Multiple drafts will help you decide the most effective way to deliver your thesis statement.

Lastly, the most important is to stick to your perspective. If you start with a question, ensure you answer it in the body section and vice-versa. Moreover, your paper should incorporate your thesis to ensure that you justify the same in your paper rather than writing something entirely different.

Need Help Writing a Strong Thesis Statement for a Research Paper?

In conclusion, thesis statements are a small but crucial part of a research paper. You must follow through with enough research before you come up with the first draft. A strong thesis statement makes the reader think. If you successfully do that, you compel the reader to read further.

Thesis writing falls among the most complicated writing formats in academia. Rigorous research and writing take away from the original vigour you start with. Also, arranging your research material into one meaningful flow is a task for professionals. If you face the same, leave it to our experts to help you research, draft and edit your thesis. Just fill out the enrolment form to get best-in-class thesis writing help. Enrol today for a free guidebook.


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