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How to Write A Topic Sentence

How to Write A Topic Sentence

“Well begun is half done.” These words by Aristotle are no less than a new-age genius's hypothesis. Writing is about making the reader want to read the next sentence, the next, and the whole piece. But, the catch is that you must intrigue your audience with a hook with an attractive or interactive start - whichever works for you.

A writer is an individual who finds writing more difficult than others. Quote by Thomas Mann

Moreover, the first sentence of any paragraph is important to intrigue, inquire, or impress the reader. Hence, it is the “topic sentence” where you define the topic vaguely but effectively. The key to creating something is to know its why and how. So, read forth to know the answer to that question.


More About Topic Sentences

In brief, a topic sentence is the first sentence of any paragraph. Be it an essay or a report; the first sentence serves the purpose of introducing the theme. Regardless of the number of paragraphs, the first sentence of each paragraph of a written piece is a topic sentence as it introduces the gist of the following sentences.

For example, an essay consists of an introduction, body and conclusion. Each section isn’t divided with a heading or subheadings - unless needed - still, you can differentiate. How? Exactly why a topic sentence is important. However, the essay’s body section consists of many paragraphs, and it often gets difficult to distinguish ideas, but transitional words come in handy.

If the following paragraph contradicts the ideas mentioned in the previous paragraph, your topic sentence prepares the readers for a change of pace. It is often distracting for the reader to come across too much information or change the idea. Topic sentence writing eases the flow of ideas for the reader.

Also, writing a topic sentence isn’t as easy as you might think. How to start? What details to add? What to omit? Is too much information in your topic sentence, making it too long? Well, the next section discusses the composition of topic sentences in detail. Let’s learn with some examples, shall we?

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How to Write a Topic Sentence?

Now, the purpose of the topic sentence is clear. You may wonder, “I’ve been using topic sentences in my writing and didn’t know it.” Hence, the next step is to hone that skill. Here are three checks to compose the best topic sentences:

1. Add a hook

Hook sentences are highly effective. It can be a quote or a fact, but it does get you intrigued to read further. Pick a suitable hook. Remember, every paragraph cannot begin with a hook. Just add it in the introductory paragraph for effect.

2. Find a Middle ground

Everybody hates spoilers. A first sentence that bears it all is a spoiler per se. Avoid that. Also, only a little information gives way to disinterest. So, find a middle ground or a sort of lukewarm topic sentence that captures the reader but keeps them anticipating.

3. Be Clear and concise

Lastly, your topic sentence must be clear and concise. Do not write, “the man was bitten by a black dog as the dog was fast asleep and he stepped on its tail” instead, try “, the dog bit the man, but why?” Wouldn't you want to find out why? That’s exactly what a topic sentence must do to make the reader want to continue reading.

Did you know that academic writing is based on features like conventions, word choice, presentation, ideas, voice, organisation, and sentence fluency? 

So, if your topic sentence passes all these checks, you got the gist of it, and then you can move forth to learn through some examples. Topic sentences are a small but important part of your essay. The next section discusses a few examples of topic sentences.


What Are Some Examples of Strong Topic Sentence Writing?

Here are a few examples of topic sentences:

  • Let’s look at some examples to understand it further.
  • Also, considering the alternative might help.
  • Ever wondered how to become a millionaire overnight?
  • Are we prepared for the aftereffects of climate change?
  • Many still believe in patriarchy, but the current generation is changing the trend with androgyny.
  • As appealing as th idea of the universe seems, the evidential and logical proofs are still only hypotheses, so we still only know a little.

All rules of academic writing are universally applicable to maintain uniformity and consistency in every scholarly paper. Various forms of academic writing are developed from a common set of universally accepted rules.

While all topic sentences are transitions in nature, for a few exceptions, they are contradictory to the previous paragraph. It is effective to use a topic sentence when the next paragraph introduces a new topic drastically. Moreover, these are indeed transitional sentences. So, differentiating is the key.

Final Takeaways

Finally, you may find topic sentence writing easy, but doing it for hours and multiple makes you run out of ideas. On the other hand, you are benefitted from this as you gradually write better introductions in your essays. Differentiating your paragraphs is important to make it easier for the reader to understand. Moreover, the reader’s perspective should be kept in mind when developing your essay.

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