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India Celebrates 75th Independence Day and extended 1st Anniversary of New Education Policy (#NEP2020)

India Celebrates 75th Independence Day and extended 1st Anniversary of New Education Policy (#NEP2020)

15th August 2021 marks a new era in India. A welcome change, visible through the political and social will to give Indians a fair playing stance vis-à-vis their global peers in academia. Ensuring unrestricted freedom to every actively learning Indian. Freedom to learn anything they like, from anywhere they want; even nullifying the erstwhile age-based restrictions.

Why is 15th August 2021 a landmark event for young Indians?

The Indian Independence day 2021 is unprecedented on many counts. For starters, nationwide celebrations will be conducted under strict COVID guidelines involving social distancing and hygiene protocol. 15th August 2021 calls for the highest form of celebrations for every Indian. While it is an obvious occasion to feel pride and exercise gaiety, the day also reflects its onerous nature to remind all Indians of their utmost duty to serve the country.

And what is a better way to do that than to build a country on strong academic foundations?

Another marquee feature of the Swatantra Diwas 2021 is that the last year, around the same time (8th Aug) 2020, a New Education Policy was announced in India. The policy has been hailed as a potential game-changer for the Indian Education System, uprooting the restricting shackles of the past century. A legacy system that was created by the British to suit their needs but surprisingly remained more or less unchanged even after 70+ years of Independence.

Well, that has changed and we couldn’t be happier.

The year-old guidelines of the new education policy have outlined vital impetus to the conception of the novel idea of education, driven by technology which we all know as the Ed-Tech ecosystem. The world agrees that the 21st century belongs to the Indian Scholar.

Traditionally, we rejoice and recognise the unsung and famed heroes of the Indian freedom struggle and the might of our defence forces. The Annual Flag Hoisting Ceremony at the Lal Quilla, Delhi is symbolic of the historical legacy while being used to showcase the best of India to the rest of the world; often inviting foreign dignitaries and their ambassadors.

Independence Day 2021 is also the extended 1st Anniversary of the New Education Policy of India. #NEP2021

The 2021 Indian Independence day also celebrates the completion of the first year of the New Education Policy; let’s find out what has changed in the past year for Indian university scholars, top academic institutions and the education sector in general.

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What are the Objectives of the NEP 2021 in Context to the Indian Independence?

As we tread towards the future marking the 75th Independence Day, The #NEP 2021 has laid the top three objectives to shape the success of India as a global leader in education.

Taking parlance from the very first education policy draft in 1950, the goals are more or less similar but this time around the culmination of these noble motives seems in sight and achievable.

Objective #1 – To enable organic and homogenous educational opportunities across India

In other words spelt out as Universal Elementary Education, further strengthening an important fundamental right; the Right to Education.

A strong emphasis backed by a methodical study program is on ensuring that every student must achieve Foundational Literacy and Numeracy by the time they reach 3rd Grade.

Objective #2 – To keep a holistic focus on all streams of elementary, middle & higher education, viz: Sciences, Social Sciences, Arts, Analytical Academia and Sports as an academic stream 

The focus remains concentrated on promoting unity and integrity of education and works to develop a scientific temper in students irrespective of their chosen stream of education.

Objective #3 – To create an educational ecosystem that promotes experiential learning via technology

It is a proven fact that practicum exercises, digital mediums of education enable better conceptual comprehension. Therefore, NEP2021 recommends the extensive use of technology in learning methods.

In the same direction, one of the biggest changes has happened.

The new education policy of India encourages periodic formative assessments for tracking the scope of learning, taking the focus away from the summative assessment.

What does it mean? Moving from Summative to Formative assessments?

It simply means that learning is more important than grades. Until now, the entire equity of education could only be justified with grades, marks and percentages. 

This has not only negatively impacted the fabric of society through rampantly popularising the coaching culture; it also restricts learning avenues for scholars.

Hence, the NEW system aims to break down the exam norms and encourage regular assignment work, similar to the practices followed at the top universities around the world. 

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Objective #4 – To promote multilingualism, life skills, respect for diversity & local context

This is especially revolutionary in the context of India where the languages, spoken dialects and culture change every 100 miles; vastly different from each other. The great Indian cultural diversity is our innate strength and the new education policy has paved an effective roadmap for academia to preserve and present an inclusive form of literacy that respects the plurality of India.

Objective #5 – Reviving the Superlative Legacy of the Indian Universities and The Higher Education System

It is rather uncanny that the country which gave Takshila University to the world saw a massive brain drain for most of the latter part of the 19th century.

The new education policy recommends changing that effectively and swiftly.

One of the most ambitious proposals of the policy entails creating a robust, future-ready higher education system that benefits Indians and attracts scholars from around the world.

The policy reflects a futuristic vision recommending a research-based education system that is curated and kept agile under the purview of the National Research Foundation.

Celebrating Freedom to Literacy, with Creativity

So here it is.

Our comprehension of freedom is driven by quality academia; inspired by the guidelines of #NEP2021 and in the spirit of the #IndianIndependenceDay.

Education is undoubtedly the biggest edge a nation can acquire and we remain committed to serving our country wholeheartedly and unapologetically. 

India Assignment Help wishes a very Happy Independence Day 2021 to all fellow Indians. 


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