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THE MODERN SAGES - by India Assignment Help

THE MODERN SAGES - by India Assignment Help

India is a land of the wits and the learned - The sages.

Since the beginning of the time, India has exceeded in strengthening the knowledge repository of the world through:

The inventors of chess.

chess India IAH

The originators of the number system (Aryabhatta).

zero aryabhatta number system IAH

The establishers of world’s first ever university (Takshshila).

Takhshila university IAH

The architects of the earliest school of medicine (Ayurveda).

ayurveda IAH

The father of surgery (Sushruta).

sushruta India surgeon IAH

The researchers of complex concepts like Algebra, Trigonometry, Quadratic equations and Calculus.

When the world had nomadic forest dwellers, India designed the  Valley Civilisation (Harappan culture in Sindhu Valley).

Since the early ages to the modern era, India has been exceptionally making its mark with its contribution to the world’s economy, politics, history, thereby, solidifying the concept of globalization and world-development.

The education system in India has always been about offering the knowledge and information to those who seek it. The Sammanas and Brahmin gurus historically taught the students by the means of donations, rather than the procurement of charges from the students or their guardians. The professionals at India Assignment Help strive to keep up with the historical importance of India by providing quality experience and knowledge to the students in need.

The education benefited the most till knowledge was considered as a destination, rather than a source of income. The history changed with the change of this theory. The ancient tutorials and consultation sessions were the best way to improve the quality of learning, rather than just memorizing. The concept of assignment and homework was to improve the skills, rather than just putting excess workload, or punish someone.

Although, with the passage of time, the international definition of education somehow changed, and presently, the system has drastically degraded. But at India Assignment Help, we are trying to bring the change. We are trying to make the difference one step at a time. And, we have started by helping the students in need.


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