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Pay for One, Save A Million!

Pay for One, Save A Million!

Nature is termed as a mother here because of many reasons. It nurtures us with sufficient amount of every resource that is needed for our survival. However, when humans breach these resources for their own selfish desires, the consequences are devastating. One of such incidents is now being witnessed in the state of Kerala in India.

The state of Kerala is also called‘God’s Own Country’. This is because it is the dream destination of every tourist in India. Kerala is a state on the Tropical Malabar Coast and is well known for its palm-lined beaches and backwaters. Today, this exquisite destination is on every traveller’s bucket list and rarely does anyone who visits Kerala go back disgruntled. However, the beautiful state of Kerala has been shattered because of flood flashing in the recent days. The turbulent weather has been part of the four-month monsoon rainy season that strikes the Indian subcontinent every summer. The precipitation level of 37.5% is the main cause for this havoc. Continuous rains have led to entire Kerala drown in neck-deep water, with devastating landslides rendering all houses to dust. These dangerous floods have not discriminated between people and property and have engulfed everything in its brutal grip. More than 5000 people have lost their lives while approximately 20000 people have been severely injured. Nearly 906,400 hectares of crops have been washed away by the floods. At this critical hour, due to the unending rains, the state was forced to open the gates of 35 of its 39 dams, and obviously, the consequence is what the people of Kerala are witnessing now. However, the crazy intensity of the rains directly meant that two more dozen dams in the nearby states were forced to follow suit. Subsequently, a torrent of hell was unleashed on God's own country.

It is an unbelievable fact that we could already see this coming. However, no efficient steps had been taken. Moving back to 2011, the Gadgil Committee had put together a cluster of endorsements to the central government about most fragile-economical regions in the Western Ghats. Kerala had been spotted with many such vulnerable zones, due to the strategic location amidst the Ghats, quarrying, mining, illegally repurposing forests and high-rise building structures. “The quarrying along with deforestation in the region, has intensified the horrific landslides the state is witnessing”, says Professor Gadgil. Though we could see this coming, we did not implement the Gadgil report. Had it been implemented; many lives could have been saved.

After this life-threatening incident at Kerala, survival is at stake. Therefore, it is we who can save the humanity. Therefore, India Assignment Help has taken a moral initiative to donate $5 per assignment that you purchase to the Kerala flood relief fund. So, your assignment can save a life!  Let us do our bit and lend a ‘humanistic touch’ to the victims of the disastrous floods. As the pillars of the society, we must act for the benefit of the society.

Hence, order your copy of professional assignment via phone or Email, and be a part of the Rescue Squad!

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