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Rapid Rise In The Enrollment of Abroad Studies For Indian Students By 240%

Rapid Rise In The Enrollment of Abroad Studies For Indian Students By 240%

Many Indian students are enrolling in foreign universities to pursue further studies. It has been noticed that there is an increased jump in the enrollment rate by 240%. Many Indian students are studying in different countries, and there have been 240 countries in which Indian students have enrolled for admission. The Rajya Sabha informed it last month when the minister of external affairs stated that countries like Australia, the UK, the US, and Canada had been a preferred choice for students. Still, they are also considering countries like the Philippines, Russia, Ireland, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan. This shows that 2023 has seen a remarkable surge in the influx of Indian students enrolling for further studies in foreign universities.

Let's compare the data provided by the Ministry of Education. There has been a rise in admission, with 72% studying abroad, and this year, over 1.5 million students enrolled in foreign universities. It was noticed that 7.5 lakh Indian students went abroad in 2022. There was a drastic rise from 4.5 lakhs to 7.5 lakhs from 2017 to 2022. India exceeded China in terms of International admissions in the year 2022, and they chose the US as a country

Thus, the raised enrollment rate in foreign universities helped Indian students immerse themselves in the foreign institution's diverse cultures, educational experiences, and lifestyles that the foreign universities offer. It also helped them develop their personalities, which promoted substantial population growth.

What Are The Daunting Challenges That Indian Students Face?

If an individual gets a chance to pursue their Education abroad, it would be a life-changing experience for them. They could adapt to a new culture of different languages and customs. Additionally, a student would be able to step out of his comfort zone and would be able to embrace all the changes that the world offers to her. But this is the fact that living in a foreign country comes with various challenges that an individual faces, and it helps you to grow by becoming more self-reliant and confident. Thus, to overcome such obstacles, you would be required to think critically and develop solutions that will help you to adapt to the culture and environment you are living in. These are some of the few life experiences that will help shape your future and perspective.

However, despite this surge, Indian students pursuing their Education in broad are already dealing with various challenges. The most common challenge that the students face is the raised cost of living combined with challenging job opportunities leads to significant hardships. The additional expenses of food transport utilities cost between $1,000 to $1,200 in the US and Canada. The struggle of Indian students is not limited to the boundaries of the US and Canada. A case came to notice, stating that a student of London got fired from three restaurants due to overstaffing.

Despite these challenges, an unprecedented number of students have been enrolling for admission in foreign universities, and it came to notice that it has doubled compared to the previous year.

Repeated Countries That Are Top Choices For Students:

Here are some of the countries that the students choose as a place to pursue their studies for higher Education.

The United States Of America:

A report came to notice, which was named Open Door 2022. It presented a surge of 20% of Indian students who are all pursuing their studies in the US for the academic year of 2021 to 2022.1,99,182 students enrolled this year to get admission to the top university in the US.

United Kingdom

Since the graduate route visa was introduced by the British government in 2019, the rate of admissions has been raised, and the enrollment of Indian students joining the universities in the UK has increased. According to the statistics report, the Britain government sponsored 1.4 lakh study visas to Indian students IN 2022. There was a significant increase in visas from 34,262 in 2019 to 1.4 lakh in 2022.


Currently, 3 lakh students are pursuing their studies in Canada. According to the data report, over 2.2 lakh students applied for an Indian permit in 2019 to study in Canadian colleges. There is a 34 percent coverage of the population of Indian students in Canada.

Ukraine, China

These countries have been renowned for their medical courses. Also, some crises in Ukraine have impacted the future of medical students, who all look forward to their future in this country. Moreover, during the pandemic, it was noticed that 23,000 medical students got stuck and couldn’t go back to their country. In August, more than 6,200 students enrolled in the universities of China from the time they opened up their student visas for admissions. Similarly, many other countries try to attract Indian students by providing liberalized visas.


The rate of the number of students studying across countries has increased drastically. Traditional destinations like the US, UK, Canada, and Australia have taken more admissions by providing student visas to Indian students. It was also observed that many students were facing difficulties in settling down in these countries. This is where India Assignment Help decided to provide assignment assistance to students with insufficient time, academic pressure, or other commitments. We make sure to help students provide good guidance for their academic careers and help them to boost their self-confidence.

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