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Students Seeking To Study In Australia Will Soon Have To Watch Out For Their Account Balances

Students Seeking To Study In Australia Will Soon Have To Watch Out For Their Account Balances

International students are willing to stop their employment and educational search in Australia. This is because Australia has many opportunities captured for them.

However, the recent changes in visa regulations will drastically change their situation. This is done to give financial security to the international students. Also, to reduce their rapid job search soon after reaching Australia. In about to change visa regulations, the Australian government has decided to raise the minimum savings requirement for anyone applying for a student visa.

By October 1, 2023, anyone who is applying for a student visa will have to show bank savings of $24,505. This saving is a 17% increase compared to the earlier requirement.

We have found many justifications behind Australia's minimum savings requirement decision increase. And how it might affect both international students and the education industry. We will show you the efforts made by the government to facilitate job searches for citizens.

This will help develop a method for students to work and study simultaneously. The implemented changes ensure that students receive a good education and are able to adjust to various needs.

Why do Students think about Financial Stability?

Australia's best universities have always attracted students from many parts of the world. Also, an additional reason is its good standard of life and dynamic multicultural society. To enjoy all of them together, a student traveling to Australia must be financially stable. Another reason is that the expenses of living in Australia are very high.

An international student must start searching for a job immediately after reaching Australia to meet these expenses and continue their studies. However, the increase in foreign students has sparked worries about their financial stability, mainly due to the COVID-19 effects on the economy.

How Effect of Economic Conditions and Student Savings Threshold are Interrelated?

After the outbreak of the pandemic in 2020, things have changed for international students. Living and fulfilling basic necessities is much more expensive than the year 2020 in 2023.

The government has increased the amount of bank savings by 17% for foreign students because the previous rule didn't consider how expensive things are in Australia. Fulfilling necessities, such as rent, school fees, and other costs, is much higher now.

This change is crucial because it ensures students have enough money to live and study in Australia. This will eradicate their tension for looking for a job as soon as they plan to reach Australia on a student visa.

Australian Government Seeks to Discouraging Immediate Job-Seeking

Australia's government is introducing new laws on student visa applications. They want to make it more difficult for international students to study in Australia and start to search for jobs immediately.

This is due to the fact that job opportunities for Australians will soon decrease with the entry of international students. Jobs like working in stores or restaurants are very popular amongst students. Also, these jobs do not require much experience and qualifications.

The government, therefore, needs change. They want students to put more emphasis on their studies and delay looking for jobs. They will ask students to have more money saved up before they arrive in order to accomplish this. In this manner, they won't have to worry about immediately finding employment and can focus on their studies.

Closing the Gap: Concurrent Study Function

According to earlier research, students with minimum bank balances preferred to travel on a student visa to Australia. This is because they knew about the job opportunities and the rising economy.

So, the Australian government has taken action to fix a previously raised gap. The gap was between the job access for international students along the increased savings amount. These changes will help educational institutions move foreign students into a unique arrangement. The universities will consider those students who have been in Australia for less than six months. After looking into it, they will give them access to work in Australia.

You might be thinking, What is The Concurrent Study Function?

The "concurrent study function" program helps people find employment. A feature of this program allowed students to register for multiple courses at once. They were able to stay in Australia for a longer time and find more employment.

As a result, 17,000 students used this feature in the first half of 2023. This new number was significantly higher than the 10,500 students who used it between 2019 and 2022.

Australian Government’s Response to the Concurrent Study Function

In order to deal with the issue, the government chose to implement more strict rules on student visas. The government's larger strategy behind the new regulation was to guarantee that international students receive an equal and secure education in Australia.

Along with accepting international students, they also want to stop people from abusing the immigration system to make money. So, they looked for a middle ground.

How the changes in Student Visa Regulations will Impact International Students?

The government’s decision will highly impact international students who wish to study in Australia. The changes in visa requirements and job access laws will make it critical to attain good academic experiences and a satisfying job.

These students will have to face the following challenges:

Financial Challenges

The financial sector will be affected at the most. International students will have to save more money, which could be difficult for most. It may be less feasible for students from lower income backgrounds to pursue higher education in Australia, despite the objective to assure financial stability.

Shift in Priorities

International students will also be encouraged to put their studies before finding immediate employment. The emphasis on the value of receiving a good education may be advantageous for rich kids. The pressure to perform well at school and make the most of their time in Australia might increase as a result.

Reduced Exploitation

Making a rule to prevent students from abusing the immigration system is part of closing the concurrent study function loophole.

Some students and institutions take advantage of this weakness. By closing it, they hope to ensure that all international students can find employment fairly. This will also ensure that there won't be an excess of student visas issued for financial reasons.

Impact on the Education Sector

The economy of Australia has benefited greatly from the international education sector. Implementing the changes to visa restrictions will impact the sector as a whole.

Potential Reduction in Enrolment

Some foreign students might be discouraged from choosing Australia as their study location due to the increase in the savings criteria. This would result in fewer students enrolling. It might also result in a more financially secure and dedicated student body, thereby improving the quality of education.

Quality over Quantity

The international students will start valuing quality over quantity in terms of enrolments in universities. Seeking a quality crowd is the main emphasis of the government of Australia.

Australian universities will be able to offer a higher quality of education by taking in students who are more prepared both financially and academically.

Enhanced Reputation

Australia's standing as a destination for international education can be improved by emphasizing financial stability. This will also help in eliminating abuse of the immigration system. More serious and committed students can be drawn to a well-regulated system. This change will put the well-being of students first, further enhancing Australia's reputation as a top study destination.

Challenges And Concerns of the Government After Setting In New Student Visa Regulation

The Australian government raised the minimum savings requirement to close the job access loophole. This was done to boost the general sustainability and quality of the global education system. But the changes never come alone. These will bring up significant issues and problems along. Some of them can be:

Financial Equity

One of the main worries is the potential effect on students from lower-income households. Such students may find it more challenging to pursue further education in Australia due to the increased savings amount. This might result in fewer socio-economically diverse foreign students, reducing the variety of cultural experiences and viewpoints available in Australian universities.

International Locations That Compete

As a location for international education, Australia is standing at the top against tough competition from other nations. Countries like Canada and the United Kingdom frequently have more flexible rules regarding employment access and financial criteria. They look aggressively for foreign students every year. A decrease in Australia's market share of foreign students may occur from some students choosing these alternative locations.

Impact on Australian Universities' Revenue

The tuition fees paid by foreign students are a key funding source for many Australian colleges. These universities' finances might be pressured if fewer foreign students decide to enroll due to the policy change. Universities might need to look forward toward alternative funding streams. They will now work on improving online course options or broaden their student body to help overcome these issues.

How the Australian Government Can Mitigate the Impact of Bringing Change to the Student Visa Regulation?

The Australian government and educational institutions must take proactive measures to reduce any negative effects of the changing policy. This is because these may raise new issues and concerns. Some of the Mitigating options can be:

Providing Scholarships

Extending scholarship and financial aid programs is one of the best strategies to encourage financial equality among international students. Australia may ensure that talented persons are not discouraged from pursuing education in the nation due to a shortage of money.

Reducing Financial Aid

Lowering financial limitations after showing low-income certificates can be another way of guiding students from lower-income families.

Promoting Diversity and Inclusivity

Australia's multicultural society is one of its key points as a destination for foreign students. Institutions should actively encourage diversity and inclusivity inside the campus in order to preserve their richness. This includes cultivating an environment where students from all backgrounds feel accepted. Hence sustaining the appeal of Australian institutions to a wide spectrum of students.


Australia changed its policies regarding foreign students. Increasing the amount of bank money to show as their savings made it more difficult for most of the students to attend.

Additionally, they have closed a gap that made it simple for students to find employment. Some students may find these changes difficult, but they make them for valid reasons. They aim to maintain the financial stability and academic focus of international students. In addition, they aim to raise educational standards.

The Australian government seeks out students who are committed to their studies and want to impact their educational system positively. International Students who are merely looking for assistance with student visas can seek help from  India Assignment Help. We evolved a team of professional educators and writers to guarantee your quality education needs in Australia. These experts will guide you through your journey to Australia and after. They can provide their service 24*7 to resolve all your educational and academic concerns related to all the courses you wish to opt for a successful career. 


Que:-  What is a student Visa? How can I Obtain It?

Ans:- A student Visa is a document that makes obtaining an education in Australia easy. This can be obtained by enrolling in an educational program in Australia that makes it easy to access this visa.

Que:- What will be the validity of the student visa?

Ans:-It is totally dependent on the duration of your course. The maximum time period is 3 to 4 years only if you apply for a bachelor's or master's degree program.

Que:- How many months prior to my admission should I obtain a student visa for Australia?

Ans:-You should consider applying for a student visa from Australia 3 to 4 months before your course starts. This is the minimum time requirement to complete the processing and grant you a visa to travel to Australia.

Que:- Which courses should I opt for to obtain a student visa?

Ans:-In order to obtain a student visa from Australia, you can apply for a Degree Program, Vocational Education and Training (VET), English Language Courses, Foundation or Bridging Courses, Professional Occupation, Secondary School Education, and Non-Award Courses.

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