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What is a Statement of purpose and How to Write a Compelling One?

What is a Statement of purpose and How to Write a Compelling One?

Writing a good statement of purpose is important if you want to secure your place in any eminent educational institution around the world. Most universities and colleges require you to submit a detailed and meaningful statement of purpose highlighting your experience and strengths. A well-written statement of purpose elucidates the professional and academic background of a person while also throwing light on the milestone achievements in a person’s academia and career.

It is also equally important to add a personalized perspective to the statement of purpose. In your statement of purpose, you must also describe why you decided to pursue the particular division of study. Whereas some universities require the students to answer certain very specific questions, others are looking for a narrative account of the student’s academic and professional journey. Over the years, most of the eminent colleges and universities across the world have adopted statements of purpose as the preferred mode of application.

Contents of successful SOP

So What Is a Statement of Purpose?

A statement of purpose, just as the name suggests, is a statement written by the student who aspires to study in a university highlighting the reasons as to why and how he or she is a suitable candidate for the course and the institution. A Statement of purpose must also highlight the most important reasons why a person thinks of himself to be an ideal pupil for a particular course or program. A statement of purpose is the clearest, descriptive and elucidate way to demonstrate why you want to study a particular course of the program.

What Are the Essential Elements of a Statement of Purpose?

These are the most essential elements of a well-written statement of purpose:

  • An introduction:An introduction is, without doubt, the most important part of the statement of purpose. It should describe in sufficient words who the student is and his academic inclinations. The introduction can also describe in brief the family background of the students. You can also write about how you felt inspired to pursue the particular course.

Statement of purpose Sample

  • Academic credentials: Academic credentials such as the high school score and the overall CGPA or SGPA secured in the undergraduate programs must also be included with the statement of purpose. The academic credentials must be included within the SOP as they are an important part of the academic journey of the students. They provide the panel with an insightful understanding of how the students have fared in academics throughout their student years.

Statement of purpose Sample2

  • Professional Experience: Along with the academic credentials, it is also equally important to highlight the professional experience or the work experience. Many students apply to universities to study a postgraduate course after a few years of working. Writing about your professional experience is extremely important when it comes to submitting a high-quality SOP. Your professional experience also highlights the level of professional maturity that you have acquired over the years.

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  • Miscellaneous experience: Miscellaneous experience includes the experience that a person has gained in supplementary courses. For example, students applying to courses in computer science must also highlight their experience in programs related to subjects like machine learning, artificial intelligence, data warehousing etc.
  • Projects and publications: The statement of purpose must also include an account of all the papers that you have written including the papers that have been published. You can also highlight the projects that you have worked on in course of your academics.
  • Co-Curricular and sports: Your statement of purpose must provide a demonstrative account of the other activities apart from mainstream academics that you are passionate about. Writing a comprehensive, detailed and elucidate statement of purpose is extremely important if you want to secure your admission to any of the eminent universities of the world. This blog aims at understanding what is a statement of purpose. You must start by assessing the essential elements of a statement of purpose.
  • Why this course and university: This is one of the most important sections of your SOP. You need to provide compelling reasons for selecting a particular course. Is it because of the modules, electives, curriculum design? Or is it because the course is aligned with your previous studies? Same goes for the university -- you need to answer why you chose to study here instead of elsewhere.

Statement of purpose Sample4

  • Conclusion:A statement of purpose is therefore one of the most important aspects of your college application. Applying to the most renowned institutions requires you to furnish a clear, concise yet elucidate statement of purpose. Your statement of purpose describes your candidature and therefore is extremely important that you submit a well-written and all-encompassing statement of purpose. Along with a statement of purpose, your university may also require you to send letters of recommendation from your faculty or teachers. The most important purpose of the statement of purpose is that it highlights the credentials of a student.

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