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What Is Leadership In Management?

What Is Leadership In Management?

Leadership quality is to turn vision into reality. This quote by popular leadership scholar Warren Bennis defines leadership perfectly. Being a leader requires more than just delegating responsibilities and overseeing the team’s progress. A great leader is one who follows rather than leads.

It means that a leader does what is best to improve team performance and achieve goals effectively. As a management student, you will come across the word leadership thousands of times. But, have you wondered what it means in the management sense? Leadership management is a term that you will frequently encounter throughout your course.

A leader is a dealer in hope. Quote by Napoleon Bonaparte

In this blog, we will discuss the roles and responsibilities of a management leader and what strategies can help the team to function effectively.

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How does leadership differ from management?

The process of guiding, influencing and setting an example for the subordinates is exactly what a leader does. The most important leadership quality is to lead the team with the confidence to achieve a certain goal. A manager does lead a team, but their responsibilities differ from that of a leader. A team leader differs from a manager in the following ways:

  • Managers are tasked to delegate responsibilities and lay down a structure for the team to follow. The role of the leader is to communicate to the employees to develop organizational values toward a common goal.
  • Generally, managers are more focused on organizing, planning, directing, staffing, and managing. Team leaders are the ones directing the function of management. Leaders are more inclined to listen, establish relationships, improve teamwork, and inspire team members to do their best.
  • Managers follow organizational strategies and structure, but a leader follows their instincts.
  • Team management is strategic, tactical and planned. At the same time, leadership is something that one has to have a knack for, as it requires more than just establishing rules and staying inside the lines.
  • Managing concerns with the technical dimensions of an organization. Leadership involves dealing with people and creating a productive environment.

According to Financial Express, 75% of millennials will join the workforce by 2025, and the work environment will change. Maybe we get to witness new and advanced leadership methods.

This is how managers differ from a leader. Managing and leading are synonyms, but in the apparent business world, they hold very different meanings. Leadership management includes keeping up with all team member's performance as a team and at individual levels. Leaders influence their teams towards a common vision and help everyone to realize their potential and participate effectively.

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What are some leadership strategies to improve team performance?

A leader always possesses a vision, and they are only able to achieve that with their teams through effectively strategizing. The role of a leader includes engaging, influencing and encouraging every team member to work effectively and achieve their goals. Also, since times have changed, today's leadership strategies should not include barbaric methods. So here are some features that a leadership strategy must include:

Define & Communicate Vision

Active communication among the team members and the leaders is necessary for effectively achieving the target. A leader is a visionary, and it is very important to define and address it to the team to make sure everyone's on the same page.

Encourage Recognition

Every team member is putting effort to work toward the team's achievement, and the leader must recognize everyone's effort. People tend to work harder and more efficiently if their efforts are recognized, so a leader should provide encouragement and feedback when needed.

Speak from the Heart

A leader who continuously reminds their team of the organization's strategy and the firm's regulations is a manager rather than a leader. Leadership management includes speaking from the heart and delivering honest words of encouragement to the team.

Delegate & Empower

The best strategy is to trust the team members to handle responsibility effectively. The first step is assigning tasks to the team and trusting them to handle them well. Next comes encouraging and guiding them wherever required.

Commit to Continued Education

Learning is a lifelong process, and the same applies to a leader. You never know where your next lesson lies; it can be a subordinate or your mentor. An innovative process is important for establishing strategies for goal achievement, and it is especially useful for a leader.

79% of employees leave their job due to a lack of appreciation from their leaders/managers -

These five strategies are very important next to listening and accepting each team member's ideas. A great leader is a great learner. When they improve their strategy and efforts, it shows in the form of great results. Many individuals are not taught these qualities through their work-life, but it's never too late to develop good leadership qualities. So let's move forth and learn from the best leaders.

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What are some real-life examples of good leadership?

Leadership is more than just a designation; it is a quality that many are born with, and others nurture for a long time. It is a skill and not a duty that one is assigned to complete but a continuous effort in making a vision reality. Here are a few successful leaders that have achieved their vision:

Dhirubhai Ambani

He started out with humble beginnings by selling snacks outside the temple. He developed his food business and later expanded his business to become India's biggest telecommunications tycoon. His leadership style was laissez-faire, where the leader allowed the employees to work as per their comfort. He showed trust in his employees, which paid him off manifolds later with great success.

Jehangir Ratanji Dadabhoy Tata

Born in a wealthy Indo-French family, Dadabhoy Tata worked as an aviation pilot before establishing an Airline himself. The Tata industries played an important role in the country's development through their steel plants and automobile ventures. He displayed a democratic leadership style, offering equal opportunities to all employees.

Nagavara Ramarao Narayana Murthy

Starting out with just Rs. 10,000, Narayana Murthy established INFOSYS, today's tech giant. Also known as the father of India's IT industry, he had a vision, and now his vision is a reality, with his company's market capitalization being more than 104 billion USD. His leadership style focuses on vision and courage as he leads by example.

It’s good to enjoy success, but learning from your mistakes is more important - Bill Gates

These are the top three Business leaders in India; their leadership styles focus on equally providing opportunities to all team members and addressing their vision effectively. Leadership management is not only focused on completing a procedure but on accepting ideas from team members and recognizing their efforts. A leader should not shy away from efforts, hardwork and trying out different things as the path to gratification is beyond your comfort zone.

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