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Network Security Assignment Help in India 

Network security is one of those technical topics in the subject of computer networking. Network security is very important in any business organization.

Network security as a subject is extremely technical and, hence requires a clear understanding of the various technical concepts. Take a look at this sample question to understand the same;

Question: It is important for networking professionals to stay abreast of new security threats and learn how to address them. In this task, you will look at some web resources that can help you find out about vulnerabilities on your network. For this task, you will need a workstation with internet connectivity and a web browser.

1) Connect to the internet and point your browser to the following:

2) View the entire list of published security advisories. Scroll through and find any two vulnerabilities related to Microsoft product that’s familiar to you such as windows, web browsers or Microsoft office. Click the advisory’s title and number in the left column to view the entire announcement.

3) Read the description of the problem and how it has been addressed. How was the problem discovered and reported? How could someone exploit this vulnerability? Does the potential vulnerability belong to any of the categories you learned such as DDoS, Brute Force, and Phishing etc? What are the potential damages this vulnerability could cause, if exploited?


Microsoft Office, Windows, Browser vulnerabilities.

  1. Changes in Windows Authenticode Signature Verification- 2915720

Microsoft always announces its availability of all updates for the supported release of Microsoft Windows to modify. Modification is how signatures are established and verified for binaries signed with a proper Windows Authenticode signature format. Basically this modification involved with Security Bulletin MS13-098 but this option will only be enabled on an opt-in support [1]. But when this is enabled the unique behavior for Windows Authenticode signature verification will no lengthy allow additional information in the WIN_CERTIFICATE structure. But windows will never remember non-complaint binaries as signed. And this can be made default in future release of Microsoft Windows.

Problem Description: - Basically windows Authentication is a signature format in digital which is used to determine the source and principle of software binaries. Public-Key Cryptography Standards (PKCS) used as Authenticode #7 signed data and X.509 certificates to bind an Authenticode-signed binary to the identity of software publisher. So, the important term “Authenticode signature” invoke to a digital signature format that is bring to pass and verified using the WinVerifyTrust.

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