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Chapter 2 – Exponents – R S Aggarwal Solutions for class 8

In this chapter, we will learn about exponents and powers. The concept of exponents is based on multiplication rule. In multiplication, we find the product of two or more numbers. Likewise in exponents, we multiply a number by itself a specified number of times.  Suppose we have to multiply a number by itself repeatedly then we raise it to a power which is known as an exponent. Power means that how many times we need to carry out the multiplication.

There are varieties of uses of exponents in different fields. Some are stated below:

(1) Scientists and Mathematicians use exponents in order to indicate the large numbers in a dense way.

(2) Engineers use exponents in order to find out the areas and volumes of the design structures. They use computer applications to find the same but it is important for them to understand the use of math behind the same.

(3) Actuaries and Statisticians use the exponents in order to gather and analyze the data. They find it easy to interpret the results using exponents and polynomials.

All the examples and questions of “Chapter 2 – Exponents” are solved in the below-attached PDF.

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