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How to Write an Excellent CDR Report?

How to Write an Excellent CDR Report?
CDR or competency demonstration report has to be written following all the requirements mentioned in the migration skill assessment booklet published by Engineers Australia. If the CDR is not up to the mark or incomplete, chances are, your application will be rejected immediately and to re-apply, you will have to wait for another 11 months. This is why most aspiring students and job seekers trust Online CDR Writing Services. In this article, we will take a look at some basic guidelines that you have to follow to write an excellent Competency Demonstration Report. CDR tests your competency level in the engineering category you wish to find employment in. For instance, if you are a mechanical engineer with prior work experience in the same field, only then you would be able to write career episodes, which further will make you eligible for getting a job in the mechanical engineering field in Australia. CDR also assesses your communication skills. You have to present your test scores for TOEFL or IELTS to prove that your understanding of English language is proficient. As discussed earlier, you have to write three career episodes or instances where you have applied your engineering skills on a real-world scenario. You also have to present a summarised statement and a continuous professional development (CPD) report.

Let’s take a look at some of the basic points you need to keep in mind while writing CDR:

  • Use Correct Australian English.
  • Include all relevant details asked by Engineers Australia.
  • Be ready with documents that substantiate all your claims.
  • Use prescriptive style of writing.
  • Use first person while writing episodes. For example; I approached, I analysed etcetera.

Here are some common mistakes you can avoid while writing a CDR:

  • Do not include any unnecessary details.
  • Do not include what your previous employer or team has done for you, focus only on your role.
  • Do not mention the history of your company.
  • Do not write about the market size or position of your company.
  • Do not give unsubstantial proof of your skills or knowledge.
  • Plagiarism is a big NO. Do not, under any circumstances, plagiarise your report.
Sample of Career Episodes (CDR Sample)

What to Write?

For continuous professional development report, you have to list all the work/projects that you undertook after completing your engineering. CPD serves as your first impression, make sure you list all your projects in a clear and precise manner. Next, we come on to the three career episodes. The career episodes show your growth as an engineer and highlights distinct aspects of engineering. You have to make sure that all three career episodes should be written in first person and should be able to demonstrate how your engineering skills can solve real-world problems. Finally, you have to conclude with a summary statement. Your summary statement analyses all the indicators that you have covered in your three career episode reports.

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