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Increasing Employability While Studying Abroad: Strategies for Success

Increasing Employability While Studying Abroad: Strategies for Success

In today’s world, getting an education abroad is not only about academic advancement. It is also about preparing oneself for a competitive and constantly changing job market. Students cannot afford their education and return to their nations in search of jobs. They will be in a financial crisis, so to come out of it, they should search for their jobs soon after their education completion.  A growing percentage of Indian students are worried about finding work abroad after graduation, as per the QS Global International Student Survey 2022. Ankur Dhawan, President of Abroad, offers insightful advice on how international students can improve their employability during their academic journey in order to overcome this issue. Keep reading to know more about this.

The Global Perspective of Employability

Studying abroad will have several advantages; it not only helps to develop vital employment skills for the twenty-first century but also develops critical thinking, adaptability, and enhanced intrapersonal and interpersonal abilities by international education, which are highly valued in today's workforce. This statement is supported by research conducted by the Institute of International Education (IIE) titled Gaining an Employment Edge: The Impact of Research Abroad on 21st Century Skills & Career Prospects.

Adaptive Strategies for International Students

In the phase where students are facing issues with searching for employability, Ankur Dhawan emphasizes the value of career cushioning strategies. For international students, he informs that they must proactively learn some essential tactics to improve their employment prospects, increase their communication skills, learn the local language, adapt to the changes, and learn new skills. Some more successful tactics are as follows:

Internships/Co-Op Programs

These programs provide students with essential hands-on experience while applying their academic knowledge to use in a real-world business environment. Referencing the National Survey of College Internships (NSCI) 2023 Report, which lists these programs as practical possibilities for future employment, Dhawan highlights the significance of these initiatives from the student's hand.

Using University Career Services

University career services offer a wealth of support, from networking opportunities to interview advice, resume writing, communication skills and professional ethics. Dhawan draws attention to the advantages of these tools, which include connections to business and career-focused activities that bring together the students and business executives who hire them for the companies.

Relevant Networking

With almost 80% of job vacancies going unannounced, networking is essential in the current job market. Once networking is done correctly, students can get to know about the job opening and also, companies or business executives can hire suitable professionals rather than going for any one candidate without any option. From this, students who deserve it will get the best job. By participating in online forums like LinkedIn and attending conferences and seminars, international students can effectively utilize the power of networking. Dhawan advises students to get in touch with the various networks available because it often results in internships, employment and insightful information about the market.

Developing Transferable skills

It is essential to have transferable skills because the employment market is constantly changing. Skills like empathy, resilience, creativity, problem-solving and analytical thinking are in high demand, according to the Future of Jobs Report 2023. Ankur Dhawan emphasizes that studying abroad offers an extraordinary chance to develop these skills in a variety of nationalistic, linguistic, and cultural contexts.

Creating an Appealing CV and Portfolio

It is essential to have a well-written CV that corresponds to the nation's standard and is updated with pertinent projects finished while studying in college. Students should match their curriculum to satisfy their job goals, suggests Ankur Dhawan. The best impression for hiring students will be based on a CV, so one should be very careful while creating their CV; it should be in a very concise and attractive manner with only the information required to hire a candidate.

Cross-Cultural Competence

Employers highly value candidates who exhibit cross-cultural competencies. Dhawan emphasizes the value of having foreign language proficiency and international experience, both of which are highly valued by hiring managers.


The employment market is constantly changing, as the Future of Jobs Report 2023 emphasizes. In order to adjust to Industry 5.0, Ankur Dhawan highlights the significance of lifelong learning and upskilling. He encourages the students to put themselves in upskilling continuously because he understands how important it is to remain relevant in a job market that is constantly changing. Students must be open to learning new technologies and different platforms. The one who is open to learning will be hired as a priority. India Assignment Help provides guidance and support to enhance your learning experience. We have a team of experts who work hard and provide you with multiple services to upskill your knowledge and make you ready to grasp the upcoming job opportunities and build a successful career.


Q.1 Can studying overseas improve my chances of getting a job?

Ans:- Yes, studying abroad can improve your chances of landing a good job. It develops essential skills, including adaptation, cross-cultural communication and global perspectives, by providing exposure to a variety of cultures, languages and academic experiences.

Q.2 What are the potential benefits of international internships or Cooperative education programs for my future career?

Ans:- Cooperative education programs and internships offer practical work experience in a real-world environment. Through these experiences, students can put their academic knowledge to use, develop their practical skills, widen their professional networks, and receive insights particular to their industry. Having a successful internship can significantly improve your resume and increase your marketability as a candidate.

Q.3 How crucial is networking for future employment prospects when studying abroad?

Ans:- Building a network is essential for obtaining future employment. Making business contacts, going to conferences and industry events, and interacting with peers, instructors, and alums can lead to job openings that are not published. Through networking, one can obtain essential contacts for one's career advancement, as well as obtain insights into the job market and secure internships.

Q.4 What kind of employable talents can I get from studying abroad?

Ans:- A study abroad program provides an excellent environment for the development of transferrable skills like independence, problem-solving, adaptability, and cross-cultural communication. These abilities are enhanced by exposure to various cultures and the ability to navigate into challenging situations.


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