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Chapter 14 - Polygons – R S Aggarwal Solutions for class 8

Basic terms and formulas to be used in this chapter:

1) Curve: A plane figure formed by joining a number of points with the help of pencil without lifting it.

2) Open curve: A curve that does not end at the starting point.

3) Closed curve: A curve that starts and ends at the same point.

4) Polygon: It is a simple closed curve which is made up of only line segments. There are two types of polygons

(a) Concave polygon: A polygon in which at least one angle is more than 180?

(b) Convex polygon: A polygon in which each angle is less than 180?

5) Regular polygon: A polygon in which sides and angles are equal.

6) Irregular polygon: Polygons which are not regular are known as irregular polygons.

For a regular polygon of n side


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