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Chapter 24 – Pie Charts – R S Aggarwal Solutions for class 8

Pie charts are the pictorial presentation of data in which data is presented in the form of a circle. In a pie chart, a circle is divided into various segments in such a way that each segment shows certain proportion of the total. In a pie chart, the total of all the data is 360?.

Formula to calculate central angle for a component:

     Total value

Central angle of a component = value of the component × 360?

Steps for the construction of a pie chart:

1) First we calculate the central angle for each component using by above mentioned formula.

2) Draw a circle of any radius.

3) Then, within this circle, draw a horizontal radius.

4) Starting with the horizontal radius, draw radii making central angles corresponding to the values of respective components

5) Repeat the process for all components till all the components get exhausted.

6) These radii divide the complete circle into various sectors.

7) We can shade each sector with different colors or design.

8) At the end, we obtain the required pie chart of the given data.


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